5 Unique Ways to Maximise Muscular Gains

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

862144_10151796350887542_625111467_nMuscle. It’s the one thing we all want more of.

But building new muscle tissue is not easy, unless you’re a total newb or haven’t been training for ages, in which case muscle memory is your best friend. For those of us consistently on the grind, we very often have to find novel ways to build new muscle tissue.

At AD, we’re masters of pioneering effective muscle building strategies. Our roster of elite athletes have put their collective brainpower together for this article to bring you 5 unique ways to maximise muscular gains. Ready to pack on some serious size?


1: The Dip Challenge

Want to grow your chest, shoulders and triceps exponentially in just 4 weeks? Try this:

On the first week, do 20 bodyweight dips at the end of each session, no matter what bodypart you’re training. You can do these split into as many sets as you like, but the point is to just hit 20 dips every time you train, irrespective of what you’re training on that day.

On week 2, do 30 dips at the end of ever session. Week 3 will be 40 reps at the end of each session, with week 5 being 50 dips at the end of each session.

Do the math: if you train 4 X per week, that’s a total of 80, 120, 160, 200 repetitions of bodyweight dips at the end of each week, respectively. The result? A huge amount of volume and progressive resistance, meaning the body will adapt by adding some slabs of muscle as long as your diets on point.

Don’t believe us? Try it & see for yourselves.


2: The Chin-Up Challenge

Conversely, do you want to build bigger lats, back thickness and biceps? Repeat the exact same formula with chin-ups over the course of 4 weeks!

A quick note for this one: peoples pulling strength on chins is usually not equivalent to what they can handle on dips. It’s a more difficult exercise in this regard, so we suggest tailoring the reps each week like this:

Week 1: 15 reps every session

Week 2: 20 reps every session

Week 3: 25 reps every session

Week 4: 30 reps every session

If you feel as though you’re more advanced that the prescribed rep ranges, feel free to up the ante!


3: Negatives

Warning: this one hurts!

Researchers have shown that the eccentric portion (lowering) of an exercise is when you cause the fibers the most damage, resulting in a serious degree of trauma to the working muscles.

Want to take advantage of this brutal fact? Be our guests. A prolonged, controlled eccentric phase of a movement where you lower the bar / dumbbells / machine extremely slowly can be a sadistic way of forcing your body to grow. Push yourself to your limits with an extended 4 second negative on each repetition of 1 exercise every time you train a body part over the course of 3-4 sets, and if you haven’t improved by the end of the month then we’re indebted to you with a supply of AminoTaur to get them muscles recovered from what we’ve put you through!


4: The Amino Acid Trick

Research from pro natural bodybuilding champion Dr Layne Norton has shown that BCAA’s are able to combat what is known as the ‘refractory response’ to protein synthesis. Want us to translate this into English for you? Basically, amino acids supplemented in between whole food meals are able to keep protein synthesis elevated in a way a conventional meal isn’t, resulting in more muscle growth.

Try mixing 1 serving of AminoTaur into a shaker at the beginning of the day with a litre of water, and sipping half of it twice in between whole food meals throughout the course of the day. It’s innovative, it’s backed by science, and it works. Better stock up.


5: Drop the Cardio

Often, we’re so concerned with fat loss and cardio in general that we can become obsessed with including it in our routines. We often justify it as being for ‘health’ reasons, but there’s not much research showing any additional benefit to including cardio in your routine for that purpose over weights.

Drop cardio from your routine when trying to build muscle for a month and you’ll find you have more free time, a fresher central nervous system and more energy when it comes to performing your best in the gym. We’d say that’s a win-win all round, wouldn’t you?