Author: Sean ‘Hercules’ Parker

A world-renowned celebrity fitness trainer and personal bodyguard, Sean “Hercules” Parker is widely acclaimed in the fitness world for his exceptional strength & conditioning abilities. Currently a world record holder in the unassisted dumbbell bench press, Sean’s current goal is to beat his previous record by bench pressing 110kg (223lbs) at BodyPower 2018 UK.

Overcoming Bad Genetics with Hybrid Athlete Sean Hercules Parker

Posted By Sean ‘Hercules’ Parker on October 22, 2018

Is ‘Bad Genetics’ really true, is there such a thing?

There most certainly is, but let’s not get disheartened right away. Yes, your Genetic makeup can limit certain factors of what you can achieve, but it certainly does not control every factor.

There have been many great athletes that have proven this.

Plus, there is always a positive to what seems like a negative.

For me personally, I was blessed with a 6’4” frame, that body comes with very long limbs. Being the explosive athlete that I am, and a sprinter, I have high muscle insertions on my calves, this means that I was not blessed with ‘Great Genetics,’ and low muscle insertions that you generally see in successful bodybuilders, for example, one of our own great AD athletes Brad Rowe who has incredible calves.

This did not mean I could not build calves to be proud of, it just meant I was going to have really apply myself, not only with hard work, a burning desire to change, but also with intelligence to achieve what I knew I could.

I know many people like to skip training them, and they are generally an afterthought in most people’s programming, but unfortunately if you want a balanced physique, we must train them, and that means ‘Train’ them with intention. A few sets on a calf machine at the end of your workout will not cut it.

Stubborn muscle groups such as calves are extremely efficient at storing potential energy during the reversal contraction phase. So, if you want to build bigger calves, you must force them to work harder and not ‘cheat’ with this stored energy. Therefore, holding a calf stretch for several seconds before performing a concentric contraction.

In other words, no partial-range, bouncy BS!

Unless it is at the end of a working set to further exhaust the muscles.

For maximal benefits, take a good pause at the bottom when you’re in the stretched position. You can really benefit from dissipating the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) in order to recruit more motor units. Once the stored elastic energy has dissipated, the muscles must work harder to lift the load.

One of the workouts from my Hercules Hybrid Training System is as follows:

High Volume Day

  • A1. Seated Calf Raises
  • 5 x 10-5-5 Reps (one set of 10 Reps, followed by two of 5 Reps) at a 1-2-1-2 tempo (1 second to lower the weight, 2 second pause, 1 second to raise the weight and 2 second contraction)
  • Hit 10 Reps, Rest 10 – 15 Seconds, Hit 5 Reps, Rest 10 – 15 Seconds, Hit 5 Reps.
  • The first 10 Reps should be challenging, So make sure you select the right weight for you.
  • A2. Donkey Calf Raises
  • 5 x 30 – 50 Reps at a 1-0-1-2 tempo *

After finishing a set of the A1 exercise, proceed immediately to exercise A2. Then rest for two minutes before repeating the super set four more times.

For anyone brave enough to attempt this, you have my respect.

Feel free to give me your feedback, comments etc on my Instagram: SeanFrederickParkerFitness

Stay Strong, Stay Focused, Stay Consistent


Sean Frederick Parker

Hercules vs The Titan Dumbbells

Posted By Sean ‘Hercules’ Parker on May 2, 2018

Sean Hercules Parker is currently training for his up and coming World Record at Body Power UK in May. Sean will be attempting to become the first person in the world to Bench Press 110kg / 243lbs Dumbbells Unassisted. 

This remarkable feat of strength will see Sean load these titan Dumbbells into position by himself, press them, and then bring them down on to his knees, using a technique he has become notorious for… 

From a young age, I have always wanted to do the things that other can’t, this for me has never been driven by the motives that most would expect, not for ego or arrogance. The reason has always been from far deeper within, it has always been a personal battle with myself, a journey of self discovery to see how mentally strong I can be. Mental fortitude is so important in life, and I truly believe once you possess it, the impossible becomes possible.

Physical Strength has always, and will always be impressive to me.

But for me, one’s character will always be defined by their Mental Strength, over the strength of their body.

This challenge will require my mind and body to be at their absolute strongest.

Self-doubt is crippling and will cause you to live beneath your privileges. To believe in yourself is no easy task, yet it’s essential to achieve anything in life.

Becoming the first person to do something that has never been done before could very easily be an overwhelming experience.  This is where self belief is imperative.  One cannot allow nerves and negativity to blind you, and your ability to achieving a successful outcome.

I never doubt myself and the power that I have within me.

That being said, I also know that there are no guarantees in life.  The weights that I lift on a daily basis, are weights that not only very few people in the world ever lift, but they are also weights that can seriously injure an individual, that meaning, if it goes wrong, it goes very wrong.

Strength, No Weakness

To become successful in every great challenge, there can be no weakness, and if there is a weakness it is in imperative you invest the time and energy on improving this weakness.

You see, we all have these weaknesses, but its down to you to identify yours.

A powerful benchpress requires so much more than just a strong chest, from the foundation that you create by the way you plant you feet and drive through the floor, to the way you utilise your lats to press.

Most would assume that to develop a big Bench Press, that one must increase the volume and frequency of their Chest training, and where there is some truth in this, there are also many other factors involved.

A strong and developed upper back is incredibly important in building a big bench, this component is something I constantly see beginners and intermediate lifters neglect most. In terms of strength off the chest, if you don’t have a good shelf (namely your lats and traps) to support your bench, your upper body will collapse under the load.

A big, strong upper back will help you to control your bar path, and drive off the chest for the press.

Training to become explosive is another valuable factor.

Developing the ability to drive quickly off the chest will carry you through sticking points and help utilize the strength you have to its full potential.

Once you understand where you are weak on any given lift, that being where you have those sticking points, you can start looking at targeting those specific ranges with different principles and movements. Those sticking points are either due to a certain muscle weakness, or a disadvantageous biomechanical position (a joint angle where force production is lower).

My training programming is specifically designed to remove any weakness I may have had in any given range of a lift. By purposely breaking down each movement, analysing where I am weak in relation to the strength curve, and then restructuring my training programming to improve those weakness.

I believe by applying this level of importance to every movement, it has allowed me to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Since I began on this journey many years ago, I have only ever continued to get stronger in all of my lifts.  I find that applying this level of attention to detail has been a big contributing factor.

In my experience as coach, I find that most people tend to plateau in their lifts due continuing to do a movement in the hope that they will keep improving and become stronger.  Unfortunately this will never happen, unless you analyse where you are weak on a movement, you will be pretty limited on how strong you can become.

Training Programming


Power, Performance and Hypertrophy Programme

Upper Body Push Day

Mobility Warm Up Protocol With Bands:

A1. Face Pulls with Scapula Retraction

A2. Shoulder Retractions Dislocations

A3. External Rotations

A4. Internal Rotations

A5. Single Arm Posterior Retractions

2 Sets of 15 Reps per movement

Activation Sequence

B1. YTA Raises – 3 Sets of 15 Reps per


C1. Scapular Wall Sliders – 2 Sets of 15 Reps

Upper Body Push Training

A. Flat Dumbbell Press –

5 Sets of 5 Reps at 80% of 1RM

B. Incline Bench Press ( w ) Swiss Bar

5 Sets of 6 Reps

C. Barbell Floor Presses ( w ) Pause

6 Sets of 3 Reps ( w ) 2 Second Pauses On Floor

D. Standing Viking Press

5 Sets of 3 Reps

Concentrating on a explosive concentric

E. Tricep Tate Press

5 Sets of 10 Reps

F. Close Grip Bench Press ( W ) SlingShot

8 Sets of 3 Reps

The SlingShot is an incredible training accessory developed by my friend Mark Bell.

Mark is one of best strength coaches in the industry, and also the owner of SuperTraining Gym in Sacramento, California

The Slingshot once stretched over your ribcage at the bottom of a bench press, allows elastic energy to assist with the upward motion to an overloaded lockout. The greatest help is the bar speed off your chest, and the assistance curve approaches zero at the top of the movement. This means you get a lot more work holding and locking out your bench with heavy weight. The effect is it allows you to overload on your 1RM.

I am currently training Upper Body Push twice a week.  One session is very much a dynamic effort day, this being I use sub-maximal weights with maximal speed. This method is used to increase the rate of force development and explosive strength.

I utilise a large number of sets ( 5 -12 sets) and very few reps ( 2 – 5 reps ).

I also incorporate the use of Chains and Bands for accommodating resistance on some movements.

Utilising 40-60% of 1RM in addition to 25-30%1RM load from accommodating resistance ( Chains or Bands ).

The second Upper Body Push Day is a Maxium Effort Day.  During this session I train a large number of sets (8-12 sets) and very few reps (1-3 reps ).

Progressing from light, to a very heavy weight (90-100 1RM for the last 3-5 sets).

This is just some of the training principles that I Utilise in my training programming in the quest to becoming the first person in the world to Bench Press the 110kg Herculean Dumbbells.

This record is certainly not to be missed and I hope to see you all at Body Power UK in May.

Stay Strong, Stay Blessed 

Sean Hercules Parker 

Project Superhuman with Sean ‘Hercules’ Parker

Posted By Sean ‘Hercules’ Parker on May 2, 2018

Sean Hercules Parker is internationally recognised not only for his incredible strength and abilities, but for his unique training methodologies and principles. He is a record holder in numerous astonishing feats of strength, one of those being at Body Power UK 2017, where he became the first person in the world to Bench Press 105kg / 232lbs Dumbbells unassisted. This was a truly phenomenal achievement, and one that he will remember for the rest of his life. 

Sean is a celebrity trainer and coach, while also carrying out other job titles and requirements for VIPs.

He regularly travels worldwide with his clients.

No matter where Sean is in the world, one thing remains the same, his consistency to the way he chooses to live his life.

He never misses a training session, even if that means at times he is in the gym at 2am in the morning.

Maintaining this belief system of the importance of desire and consistency in his life, allows Sean to continue to obtain remarkable achievements.

Sean adopted the name “Hercules” many years ago for his unbelievable strength and physical performance.

Standing at over 6’4″ and weighing in at a mighty 135kg / 295lbs, his impressive size and weight doesn’t in anyway effect his performance, and he is still capable of slam dunking a basketball, and jumping the front end of his Range Rover.

This ability, at his size and weight is extremely rare, which is why Sean has become notorious for his extraordinary videos on Social Media.

Herculean Mindset

Sean believes the most powerful quality he has is his Mindset.

Your mindset is but a true reflection of who you are as a person, and to be able to tap into that mental edge is a power tool. To know you’re prepared to face any obstacle without fear and with complete confidence in yourself and your ability.

Stay Focused, Stay Positive, Stay Strong.

Focus on where you want to be in life, and do not stop pushing until you get there.

Self-doubt is crippling and will cause you to live beneath your privileges. To believe in yourself is no easy feat. Yet, it’s essential to living a fulfilled life. Understand to achieve anything in life, requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.

With a strong mindset we are capable of incredible things.

A strong mind will also help to remain in a positive mental state, even when life gets difficult.

We have to always remember life is never meant to be easy – its a constant struggle, with extreme lows and extreme highs. Remember that the times when its most important to persevere, are the times that you will be most tested.

No matter how hard life gets, never give up …. Stay Focused, Stay Positive, Stay Strong.

Focus on where you want to be in life, and do not stop pushing until you get there.

This is one of my own favourite quotations,

“We all have setbacks in life, it’s how you choose to react to them that defines our character.”

– Sean Hercules Parker 

Training Philosophy

My training philosophy is, that no matter how great the challenge may seem in the eyes of others, I never limit myself to what others think I can do. I believe you should never allow someone to tell you that you cannot do something.

They do not control this power, you do.

Work hard every day to turn your weaknesses into your strengths.

There are no limits in life if you apply yourself and truly believe in yourself.

Everyday I challenge myself to become stronger, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I push my body to the limit everyday to better myself and I hope to inspire others to do the same too.

Training Programming

Performance Over Everything 

I never wanted to be the beautiful Supercar with no engine.

Meaning, to possess the visually great physique, that was not functional nor could it perform.  I truly believe that when you train for performance, the physique will come as a byproduct of your hard work.

I see this in all of the world class athletes I have been fortunate enough to train with around the world.

Becoming a Hybrid Athlete is extremely difficult and requires constant effort and consistency in every discipline. The moment you lose momentum, is when each and every aspect is effected.

I am constantly working hard to optimise and improve the function and performance of my body.

This involves HIIT Cardio and Conditioning Drills, Powerlifting, Strongman Training, Plyometrics and Functional Training, along with Gymnastics and Martial Arts.

For me it’s not all about the heavy weight training, I am constantly trying to improve as a Hybrid Athlete.

I also spend at least an hour a day on Mobility Drills and Self-Massage, this is a very important part of my self care protocol that allows me to recover from my intense training sessions and remain injury free, whilst being able to push my body to its limit every single day.

Pushing my body to its maximum capacity requires fuel, so for that reason I do not eat like a bodybuilder. I do not restrict calories, I eat like an athlete, I eat to fuel my body and the daily demands I put it through.

I create such dramatic caloric deficit through the multiple training sessions that I do everyday, that my body requires sufficient food to repair and recover from the gruelling training sessions.

Power and Performance 

If you’re looking to build strength and power while preventing injuries, then making sure you start to put some focus on training your posterior chain and Legs in general from a performance aspect, and not just for aesthetics and visual purposes.

Generally in the world of bodybuilding and aesthetics, you find that most are Quad dominate, that being that they lack the balance in the legs from Quads to Hamstrings.

As an athlete I train “Lower Body” a minimum of three times a week, utilising different training principles – specificity, overload, rest, adaptation and reversibility (SORAR), Plus Plyometrics, Sprint and Speed Training.

For me the most important part of ones body is the Posterior Chain and Core. Two areas I feel that very underdeveloped in most.

Whether your goal is to improve your performance as an athlete, increase your squat and deadlift, your vertical jump, your sprinting speed, or to simply to look better naked, training the Posterior Chain should be your primary focus when training your legs.

Start today by taking a different approach with your training, you may be amazed at how you progress on your journey to a new and improved version of yourself.

By changing the way you look at a situation, you potentially change the outcome of that situation.

Always remember, If it does not challenge you, it will not change you.

Sean Hercules Parker