The Stampede Dilemma

At AD, we say that intensity is everything. We’re passionate about intensity because we consider it A) paramount to performance & B) necessary to improve your body composition and health. Want to build muscle more easily? Increase your performance. Want to enhance fat burning? Increase your performance. Want to improve your speed and force of … Continue reading "The Stampede Dilemma" The...

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Bullk 3 Days per Week

Bullk & 3 days per week lifting It’s a misconception that the only people who buy into our brand and our ethos are the most hardcore bodybuilders and athletes around, training upwards of 4-6 days per week. While we certainly do have a large amount of individuals on our books who fall into this category, – and indeed, we sponsor several of...

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Gut Health & Ravenous

Gut Health & Ravenous Let’s be honest: our eating habits have changed over the years. Capitalism has contributed greatly to modern society and commerce as we know it today, and getting hold of food that isn’t man-made or hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides is a challenge. Modern agricultural practice has dramatically influenced not only what food we eat, but also how we...

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