Brad Rowe: Possiblity Of Life Without The Stage

Posted By Brad Rowe on August 16, 2019

What is your why? Why do you compete? Why do you enjoy not living a “normal” life being able to be social, eat whatever you desire, have drinks with friends?

My why….. it’s a bit complicated but I have always had a drive to be great and to be different. Being “normal” in my mind is a slow miserable death. I could care less about the attention or accolades. It’s an inner drive that always pushed me as an athlete, as a student, and in the business world.

I have spent the last 9 months living to my normal standards a very “normal” life. My version of normal is still as strict as 98% of the worlds population. But I have not tried to make progress in one direction or another. Not having a goal with my body has been better for my marriage and been more social with friends but on a personal level I have been unhappy.

I sit here right now still in limbo on where I want to take things. I could continue on my current path and look great year round and have a much healthier and more balanced life. But also kill off a bit of my inner desires. I actually love the suffering of prep. I think about how very few people are willing to put themselves through the process. I also take pride in the fact that I embrace it and am extremely productive through out the process. A lot of people back off their work load and don’t take care of things in their life. I actually try to load more on my plate.

My why has always been to be as close to superhuman as possible on all levels in life. I could continue down this cushy path and still in everyone’s eyes be the same superhuman and be a better husband or friend. Or I could challenge myself with continuing to compete and balance life the best I can as I have done in the past and fulfill that crazy inner voice in my head that has gotten me to where I am in life.

Renowned contest prep coach, commercial actor, and world-class personal trainer, it’s fair to say Brad Rowe is beyond the conventional elite-level bodybuilder in the IFBB ranks. With his own Front Rowe athletics brand rapidly growing in popularity, Brad has firmly established himself as one of the most recognisable faces in the fitness industry for his positivity, insane work ethic, and uplifting character.