Flexibility and Mobility for Bodybuilding By Brad Rowe

Posted By Brad Rowe on October 10, 2018

IFBB Pro Brad Rowe discusses why overlooking mobility and flexibility work can lead to bodybuilders and powerlifters long-term downfall and health complications.




Bodybuilders and powerlifters live in a single planar world. Everything we do in order to grow tissue or gain strength is all done in a single plane that creates the greatest force on the particular muscle we are trying to target.


By doing so we are neglecting so many stabilization and accessory muscles that keep joints moving properly and reduce imbalances.


I personally like to do some functional training for short phases throughout the year, and should put even more effort into these things as I do.


Things that create a diverse range of motion help secure knee, shoulder, hip joints and reduce the risk of injury. These type of movements also aid in strengthening tendon which bodybuilders and powerlifter often suffer from ruptures.


Flexibility Work for Bodybuilders & Athletes


Flexibility is just as important.  


Again similar to functional training, the idea is to keep muscle and tendons elongated and supple.


When we continuously train in a single planar motion and do not stretch, tissue becomes shortened and hardened due to built up adhesions/scar tissue. So stretching helps lengthen muscle which allows for a greater contraction, transport of nutrients throughout the whole muscle and leads to less injury and greater output.


Active recovery is extremely important to hold off the dreaded sidelines recovery from injury!




Mobility and flexibility work is paramount to overall health and performance for athletes and integrating it into your routine is essential for long-term success and consistency.