Jamie Do Rego – #BecomingPro – SYD to DXB

Posted By Jamie Do Rego on April 15, 2019

Becoming PRO : follow Jamie Do Rego on his Pro Card journey now

Jamie Do Rego #BecomingPro Sydney to Dubai

Follow the journey to the New Zealand pro show for AD athlete Jamie Do Rego's Debut as an IFBB Pro It doesn't get any more real than this - check out the latest episode now


An athlete since his teenage years, Jamie Do Rego’s rise to the top of the UK bodybuilding scene should surprise nobody in the know. Fiercely ambition and disciplined, Jamie has already earned the prestigious accolade of being 2 X Welsh Overall Champion, with the ultimate goal if becoming an IFBB Pro. In addition to his competitive credentials, Jamie is also manages one of the most recognisable coaching/contest prep brands in the UK, with his clients consistently coming in peeled and winning acclaim.