Meet ProjectAD Mr Olympia 2018

Posted By ProjectAD on August 30, 2018

We're VERY EXCITED to announce that ProjectAD will be available to meet and greet around the Mr Olympia and we're very excited if you can join us.


  • Eric Arndt
  • Shanique Grant
  • Brad Rowe
  • Stephanie Rowe
  • Melissa Bumstead
  • Joe Binley
  • Frank Colachino


For two days at City Athletic Club, 7980 West Sahara Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89117 we'll be here:

  • THURSDAY September 13th  [2 - 7pm]
  • FRIDAY September 14th [3 - 8pm]

The only Las Vegas health club to receive the prestigious Condé Nast Five Star distinction, City Athletic Club is redefining the workout experience and quickly becoming the hottest fitness destination in Sin City.

Keep an eye on upcoming posts for athlete time schedules and appearances...


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