Overcoming Bad Genetics: What The Pros Do! – with IFBB PRO Dominick Cardone

Posted By Dominick Cardone on October 4, 2018

Are genetics the be-all and end-all when it comes to determining the amount of muscle you can add to your physique? IFBB Pro Dominick Cardone has his say, with tricks on how to overcome poor genetics.


Overcoming Bad Genetics: What The Pros Do!

To start, if you’re a true IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, you certainly don’t have bad genetics (Unless you won your pro card in a not so competitive class etc).


However, to maybe break past genetic weak points, I’ve found that genetically weak body parts are usually those that someone has trouble connecting to such as my chest.


It takes true mind-muscle connection, and maximum recruitment of those muscle fibers to grow.


Of course, follow by proper nutrition and supplementation to follow.


TUT is a great method to overcome these plateaus. A higher frequency type of training from time to time can’t hurt either in which you are constantly filling the muscle up with blood and nutrients. It’s a good way to shock but won’t give the dense look.


You must constantly be looking for ways to shock the muscle and cause full muscle fiber recruitment.




Genetics are important, but willpower, discipline and commitment to the cause, combined with a well-honed mind-to-muscle-connection can be your best weapons against them.