Overcoming Bad Genetics with IFBB Pro Brad Rowe

Posted By Brad Rowe on October 8, 2018

IFBB Pro Brad Rowe discusses his top techniques and strategies to overcome bad genetics, in order to maximise your potential when it comes to building your physique or stepping on stage.


As someone who does not have the greatest genetics for bodybuilding (I am narrow through the clavicle and wide at the hips which does not give me a great taper, and I do not have the roundest of muscle bellies) I just simply know I must be perfect pretty much on everything. I must work harder than other athletes and be more consistent with my dieting, training, and rehab/prehab.

You must be able to be objective and realistic as well and understand where improvements need to be made to overcome structural issues or lagging body parts.

You also must be able to understand that progress may not come as fast as others and be able to keep a positive mindset.

I approach shows with the mindset of purely beating my previous self. It may be an improvement in conditioning, shape, stomach control.

I don’t try to compete with others, but I do know that if I am my best or better version of myself there are guys that I can potentially beat. But also realize there are others who I can never touch.


Knowing your limitations is a pragmatic way to approach building muscle, but as always, consistency and discipline are the two key factors that determine overall success.

Brad Rowe
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Prep Coach