Advanced Growth Stack



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The Project AD Advanced Growth Stack utilizes multiple pathways to improve recovery, lean tissue growth, appetite support, and digestion optimization. When gains are on the menu caloric intake is of the utmost importance. This is where Ravenous, Matador, Mass Chaser, and Fiber + come into play! Matador will make quick work of the increased carbohydrates in your meals shuttling them directly into the muscle cells and controlling blood glucose to minimize fat storage. Ravenous will ensure your body is breaking down the excess calories as well as keeping your digestive system functioning at it’s peak for maximum nutrient efficacy. Mass Chaser is every athlete’s best friend when it comes to eating in a caloric surplus. It provides quality calories, with minimal volume, no bloat, and tastes fantastic! Fiber + is the secret to overall gut health and waste elimination to ensure digestive system optimization. When gains are the goal recovery is just as important and that’s where Aminotaur and Bull Doze come into play! Aminotaur’s Essential Amino Acid complex ensures tissue receives the nutrients necessary to repair properly while keeping you hydrated during training. Bull Doze may be one of the most important pieces to this Growth puzzle. Sleep is pivotal and Project AD Bull Doze will ensure you relax and fade away into a deep REM sleep optimizing recovery via the release of Growth Hormone thus ensuring overall health and performance.

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