Immune+ – Adaptive Immune System Complex

  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Enhances cellular protection
  • Promotes optimal health

30 Servings



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What our athletes say:


Our immune systems are under attack.

Rampant toxins permeate our air. The food we eat clogs our arteries. And the lifestyle’s we’re forced to endure go against the very nature of our primitive being.

Life’s changed – get over it. You either learn to endure, or grab the bull by its horns and say “f*ck that – I’m made for something different”. Glad to see you’re on the same wavelength as us.

Our immune systems are our most precious defense mechanisms against the sh*t life throws at us every day. When they’re down, it’s akin to a car without an engine. Useless.

But as the miles accumulate on the highway, the engine slowly breaks down, day-by-day. The relentless grind life thrusts on all of us has a similar effect on our immune system.

And like a car slowly dismantling, our immune systems gradually diminish as well. One day, they might not even start.

But just like a car engine, we can fuel our immune systems with the right material to promote longevity and optimal performance. And that’s what our new Immune+ formula does.

This is not just another “Vitamin C” formula to protect against free radicals. This is a serious, scientifically advanced formula for the modern elite athlete to fight against the worst life has to throw at us.

The AD Immunity Complex helps bulletproof your body’s first line of defence with 2,300mg of the world’s most heavily researched ingredients to fight off sickness, protect our organs and ensure longevity.

Immunity+ is further fortified with our AD Cellular Support Matrix: containing the revolutionary OmniMin AC, a powerful ingredient to ensure pristine cell function so that your body becomes a self-generating, healing machine on autopilot.

You’ve heard that attack is the first line of defense. But when the attack fails, you need something to fall back on. That’s Immunity+, and any well-rounded arsenal needs a two-pronged approach to win this war we’re all a part of.


How to Use

SUGGESTED USE: Take one serving daily with food. If exposed to high risk environments or have a compromised immune system an additional serving may be taken daily.

WARNING: Not intended for those under 18 years of age. Dietary supplements are not intended to replace a healthy diet. Always consult your physician before use and before starting any diet or exercise regime.


What our pro says

“If you’re like me, life is 10% riding the wave and 90% pushing my body to its limits trying to achieve my dreams. There is a culture that runs deep between Project AD customers, and I love it. But even we’re not immune to the sh*t life likes to drop on us from time-to-time, and having a solid defensive strategy in place is common sense. That’s why our new Immune+ formula is a common sense addition to any intense athletes nutritional regime, to ensure you’re safeguarded against what life throws at you.”

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While Immune + is not intended to treat or cure any illness or disease it does work to Strengthen your immune system in order to keep your body optimal for defense against such things.
We do suggest those in a high risk environment or who’s immune systems may be comprised to take a second serving each day.


We take pride in being a premium supplement brand. We support you, our customer, and our pricing policy. If you find another ProjectAD deal online, please let us know about it and provide an active link with the promotion that you have found. As long as the promotion is live and still valid, we can match their price or promotion on your order with us.
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I recommend this product
Bastion product on the market

Ever since I started using immune+ I find that I rarely ever get sick. No matter how fatigued I am or run down I usually feel great when I wake up in the morning. I highly recommend this to anybody who’s trying to keep their immune system strong.

I recommend this product
Immunity vitamin of choice

My wife and I have been using this since the Covid was unleashed upon and us and will continue to do so. Quality lineup of products and well thought out proper dosages.

I recommend this product
Great product

Works exactly as advertised

I recommend this product
Best immune booster to date!

Great product, amazing feeling of well being & energy! Thanks Joe for the Awesome Product! Fast shipping as well!