MASS CHASER – Muscle Gainer

  • Game-changing 500kcal per serving mass gain formula
  • Zero bloat or digestive issues
  • Mass Chaser mixes with just 4oz of water to ultimate convenience

30 Scoops Per Bottle



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What our athletes say:


Getting swole isn’t rocket science. You progressively lift heavier sh*t and increase the amount of calories you consume to fuel growth.

The first part comes naturally to most with the right attitude. It’s fun smashing PR’s on deadlifts, squats and bench each week – that’s a given. But force-feeding yourself calories? That sucks, and it’s not exactly fun when most of the formulas on the market taste like dog crap.

Until now.

AD’s Mass Chaser is a genuine game-changing formula. 500 calories per serving, without the bloat, clumped up mess currently dominating the market. It’s smooth and mixes seamlessly with just 4oz of water, and is genuinely delicious.

Don’t believe us? Feel as though you’ve been let down by too many people in the past? You mustn’t know Project AD well enough. We only make claims when we back our sh*t up.

Across the world, we guarantee that Mass Chaser has real implications for the convenience crowd seeking a quality source of protein, carbohydrates and fats with minimal bloat and added crap.

It’s packed with whey protein, delectable MCT oils for healthy fats, and easy-to-digest glucose sources that are solely focused on growth.

Stay ahead of the chasing pack Add Mass Chaser to your arsenal and run rampant on your competitors.


How to Use

SUGGESTED USE:  As a dietary supplement, mix one (1) scoop, or (2) scoops of Mass Chaser in as little as 4oz (100ml) of water depending on personal preference. AD Mass Chaser utilizes unique technology that allows you to mix upto 120grams of powder in as little as 4oz (100ml) of water for the perfect high calorie addition to any diet. Suitable for men or women.

WARNING: Do not take if you are under 18 or have any allergy or difficulty with any of the listed ingredients. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse side effects. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Always consult your physician or health professional before using any dietary supplement. Use as a food supplement only, not to be used for weight reduction. DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY STIMULANTS. Store at 15-30C (59-86F). Protect from heat, light and moisture. Do not purchase if products seal is broken. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN


What our pro says

For years we had calls to enter the weight gain market, and for years we resisted. Our preconditions were simple: we’ll only enter if we find a unique angle to differentiate ourselves from the bloat. I think it’s fair to say Mass Chaser is the gatecrasher we’ve all been waiting for. At 500kcals per serving, it mixes with a simple 4oz of water per serving. The end product is more akin to a shot than your traditional, clumpy, bloated mess that currently saturates the market. We’re confident that once you try Mass Chaser, you’ll never, ever waste your time vigorously shaking shaker bottles everywhere you go and gagging on clumped, chalky messes. Mass Chaser is 500 quality calories per serving that has game-changing implications for the hardcore mass-seeker looking for convenience.

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Yes, we do recommend you assess your preference in terms of consistency when consuming Mass Chaser as some do prefer a little more water, but it absolutely does dissolve in 4oz completely!!
No, Mass Chaser is delicious and does not have the artificial taste many other Mass Gain formulas do.
Mass Chaser was designed to be a small meal with the ability to be used multiple times per day if need be. The lower calorie content and zero bloat formula makes it very easily digested versus many other high calorie gainer formulas that leave you miserably bloated and uncomfortable.


We take pride in being a premium supplement brand. We support you, our customer, and our pricing policy. If you find another ProjectAD deal online, please let us know about it and provide an active link with the promotion that you have found. As long as the promotion is live and still valid, we can match their price or promotion on your order with us.
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Z B.
I recommend this product
Good overall

I’m thinking I’m seeing results from it, but I will see I do get a really bad stomach pain from this. Idk if other people have experienced that but it does happen each time I drink it it starts almost right after my first drink. I started drinking it slowly and it seems to not hurt so bad and I’m still going to drink the whole container, I won’t let it stop me, I’ll push through lol. But like I said, I’m thinking I’m seeing results.

Alex K.
I recommend this product
Superior Product

The mass gains are REAL! 5-Star all the way!

I recommend this product

Easy blend, great taste, no bloating, great meal replace with only 4 ounces of water! Big fan of the Birthday Cake flavor.

I recommend this product
The Best Mass Gainer of All Times!

My overall experience with this product is exceptional! No other mass builder does what Mass Chaser does. Not only that, but the taste (Dark Chocolate Brownie) is delicious! 2 scoops of powder mixes effortlessly in just a mere 4 oz. of water. I like it very cold so I add ice to it and shake it up for a smooth and creamy frosty shake. I’m extremely happy with this product because it causes absolutely no gas or bloating and no stomach discomfort. I take it as directed and in addition to my regular diet and exercise regime, I’ve gained serious mass!

Alex K.
I recommend this product
Mass Chaser is [AWE]mazing!

AWEmazing product! Being lactose intolerant, it has been extremely challenging finding a mass gainer that causes little to no digestive issues while being palatable at the same time. Mass Chaser is the ONLY product that I can consume that causes none. I love chocolate and am really happy that it’s available in a rich dark Belgian Chocolate Brownie flavor — if you’re a choco-holic like me, you’ll LOVE this flavor! Let’s talk about gains... BIG GAINS! Mass Chaser has helped me to pack on some real solid lean mass. 500 nutrient-rich calories (2 scoops) mixes very easily in just a mere amount of water and with a few thorough shakes of the hand — no blender necessary. Smooth, rich, nutritious, delicious and easily digestible — Mass Chaser is my new “go-to” for my in-between-meal or pre-post workout snack! Try it — you have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN!