The Worlds Smartest Peanut Butter – PDF



Every once in a while, a breakthrough in the food industry changes everything we thought we knew about nutrition and leaves us shell-shocked.

With stifling regulation, over-parenting from the FDA and a genuine lack of desire to innovate, these moments have become increasingly rare in our industry.

Today, however, happens to be a landmark occasion that is guaranteed to alter the way you approach your diet & lifestyle indefinitely – and for the better!

… this is the Worlds Smartest Peanut Butter …



At Project AD, we are committed to effective formulas that flat-out work. Science and innovation are at the heart of our brand, and every product we put out on the market is meticulously tested on a diverse range of athletes who feedback to us on whether or not they will benefit the consumer before we release it.
It is this painstaking commitment to excellence that attracts the high calibre of athletes that make up #TeamAD.
All of our athletes use our formulas, are passionate about educating others, and stand behind our range as a testament to the effectiveness of the line. It’s the reason they say the Project AD range is the #AthletesChoice.
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What our pro says

Joe Binley

Owner and Founder of ADVantage 

They said it couldn’t be done. A peanut butter that you’re able to eat copious amounts of, satisfying cravings and effectively being rendered fat-free? It sounds like nonsense until you examine the science and marvel at what we’ve managed to achieve at Project AD. As ever, we’re innovating on a plane that others can only dream of. But it’s not bragging rights we’re concerned with; it’s empowering the American people with a delicious, nutritious snack that helps them achieve their health and fitness goals, risk-free, that we’re most proud of!

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