Sustainable Ketogenic Diet With Extended Fasting Windows, with IFBB Pro Brad Rowe

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This E-Book from Project AD will break down the concept of the Keto Diet when utilizing extended fasting windows for the purpose of keeping body fat low and gaining muscle mass.

We will bring to you the real world results as seen by Project AD Athlete and IFBB Pro Brad Rowe and help you develop a structure to utilize for yourself.We inherently have likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to food.

Some people live and die by the concept of balance while others stick to more “extreme” variations like Paleo, Veganism, Atkins etc. The concept of Keto is nothing new and has been utilized in one way or another for many years. In most cases it’s been labeled as a diet designed for extreme weight loss by cutting out virtually all carbohydrates, utilizing minimal proteins, and being composed primarily of fats as the majority source of caloric intake.

The concept of building Muscle on Keto has long been up for debate, but you’ll see here that Brad has single handedly debunct that theory.

Let’s break down the basics for Keto in general. An appropriately devised Keto diet would consist of 75% healthy fats, 20% protein, and 5% carbs usually derived from trace carbs found in consumed proteins and leafy green vegetables.

The idea of utilizing Keto w/ Fasting is something that not many people have written about, however, as you’ll read here absolutely works and is highly sustainable even for a person who has a high level of activity.

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