Raging Full & DoggCrapp Training

Posted By ProjectAD on January 8, 2015

I know what you’re thinking: “2015 HAS to be different” – and I’d with you on that boat, too.

Because up until mid-November, it’s fair to say I wasn’t satisfied with my returns on investment over the course of 2014. Granted, I made muscular gains, but not enough of them.RAGING FULL

The early part of the year was filled with tons of trial & error. I embarked on a lot of the Soviet routines, focusing predominantly on maximal efforts building strength, only to be disappointed with the amount of muscle I gained from these, despite the significant strength increases.

When Raging Full was released by Project AD towards the latter end of the year, I decided to switch strategy. I was at my strongest ever, but the gains had slowed down. I thought, “what could I do to switch the emphasis to muscle building, while retaining my impressive strength gains?”. And, low and behold, that’s when I stumbled across DoggCrapp Training.

DC Training

Pioneered by Dante Trudel, DC Training utilises a brutal ‘Rest-pause’ style training system as the mainstay of its program, as opposed to conventional sets.

The DC style of rest-pause is as follows, in Dante’s words himself:

“Most of the sets are in the 11- to 15-rep range, although sometimes it’s higher or lower, depending on the bodypart, exercise, safety and health of joints. Every rest-pause set is done with three failure points. A hypothetical incline bench 11- to 15-rep set would start with eight reps to failure, rack the weight, take 15 deep breaths, unrack, two to four reps to failure, rack the weight, 15 deep breaths, unrack, and a final one or two reps to failure.”

 I was immediately sold. I thought, “this is an excellent technique I can use to kick-start muscle building and coincide perfectly with Raging Full”. Indeed, it’s fair to say sipping Raging Full in between each 15 breaths on this brutal program helped carry me home on most days, especially given the intensity of going all-out to failure they entail.

There are 3 primary reasons I decided that the rest-pause system would coincide perfectly with Raging Full, helping to maximise anabolism in the body:


  • Instantaneous source of carbohydrates providing immediate energy to depleted muscles (Glucidex & Cluster Dextrin): I used the rest-pause system as a ‘finisher’ on each training day towards the end of my workouts, when I was most depleted. Without the carbs, my overall performance and intensity would’ve lagged.
  • Killer pumps and delivery of nutrients to the muscles (L-Citrulline, Agmatine Sulfate & Glycerol Monostearate): Since I was working in the 15-20 rest-pause range (1st set 11-13 reps, 2nd set 4-5 reps, 3rd set 2-4 reps), AND it was at the end of my workouts, I figured it’d be the perfect opportunity to create a viscous muscle pump for additional hypertrophy. Fair to say, this was one of the most painful / pleasureful experiences I’ve had to date in my vast training life!
  • Intense and maximal muscular contractions through an extensive mineral support system: I still can’t believe how many of us neglect this area of intra-workout supplementation. In my opinion, it’s still probably the most important, and I can’t emphasise how much I believe this aspect of the formula helped support the rest-pause training protocol.



 Over the course of the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year, I added 6lbs of solid muscle. I didn’t go full hedonistic-mode either this Xmas, so it’s been a very substantial muscle gain for me, and one I’m absolutely delighted with.

Rest-Pause training has been a revolution in my regime. Granted, it’s not officially DoggCrapp Training, but using Mr Trudell’s rest-pause technique at the end of my workouts has been phenomenal for hypertrophy, and I’d fully encourage any of you guys out there to give it a blast in your future sessions alongside your Raging Full for some killer gains.