Simple Tips On Female Bodybuilding

Posted By ProjectAD on February 20, 2014

Female bodybuilding is the counterpart of the male bodybuilding in the competitive world of bodybuilding. It was in the late 1970s, when this female bodybuilding began. Women took part in bodybuilding competitions to prove that even a woman can be as tougher and stronger than a man.

Women who involve themselves in female bodybuilding is often given the criticism of being unnatural, gross, and unattractive. But those women care less about how other people think about them, all they care is pursuing their passion and showing the world that they can do it.

There are reasons on why some person should support female bodybuilding. These reasons are as follows:

  • They can cope under a more rigorous regulation compared to another man
  • Men find it easy to build muscle mass, but it is more difficult for women
  • They are less accepted by the society, making it hard for them to push through with their passion


Maintaining a female bodybuilding diet is harder compared to other male bodybuilders who are having their diet because female bodybuilders must have the perseverance to go through all the judgments and criticisms. Bodybuilding is a sport and every woman who participates in it is an athlete. The society should respect that and never judge the passion of these female bodybuilders.

In pursuing female bodybuilding, there are things which must be considered. A good and healthy female bodybuilding diet plan is a must. A female body builder must give importance in taking in calories rather than burning them so that the muscles will be carefully put into place. To be in a caloric surplus is an important factor in the female bodybuilding transformation. The dietary guidelines gives us the idea that around 2,400 calories must be consumed by an active women per day in order to have a better weight maintenance. Try to intake 2,200 calories at first and slowly increase your calorie intake as the day passes by. But if you are consuming more than the required calories per day, it is best to lower the intake gradually. If you want to maintain your weight or lose some of it, try consuming around 150 calories per day to maintain its balance or to lessen some of your weight.

It is a general fact that proteins are the very key in preserving, maintaining, and building the muscle mass of the body. It was suggested in the protein book of a nutritionist named Lyle McDonald, that around 1 gram of protein is needed in their diet during their bodybuilding training in order to get the desired muscle mass. To provide you with the energy that will sustain your endurance during the training a lot of fats, proteins, and carbs are required. You will need an excellent source of protein which you can find in cottage cheese, turkey, and chicken breast. At every meal you take, a high protein food should always be present in your meals to give you the right energy in your daily workout. After you have targeted the required proteins, try to eat foods with fats and carbs for you to attain the total calories which is needed for the day. You can get these carbs in high-fiber source food like beans, rice, fruits, and whole-grain bread while fats may be found in foods like avocados, fatty fish, oils and nuts

In engaging in female bodybuilding, these simple facts can be of great help and will give you a head start in maintaining and giving you the desired transformation of your body that will surely help you in pursuing your passion.