SynthaCharge & Amino Loading

Posted By ProjectAD on December 17, 2014

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For two decades now the jury has been seemingly been conclusive on one issue: post-workout nutrition is THE most important time to maximise protein synthesis (muscle building) in the body. Anything other than launching 50grams of whey and 100grams of dextrose down the gullet post-workout was deemed insufficient; so much so, in fact, that supplement companies played mercilessly on serious trainees insecurities, taunting them with relentless jibes that those who didn’t follow this protocol were “not serious lifters”. Well, whaddya know: times are changing, and thankfully for the better.

The Truth

A lot of the early research on post-workout nutrition and muscle synthesis was borne out of the fact that the individuals often trialled in the studies were in a fasted state. I mean, hell, if you’re going to pound out heavy squats without any calories floating around in your system, it stands to reason that you’re going to need replenishing pretty quickly after your workout. But that’s what post-workout nutrition predominantly provides: replenishment. It’s a chance to restore glycogen levels after heavily depleting them during a grueling training session.

As we said in the opening paragraph, times are changing. The focus now is on pre and intra-workout nutrition. Why? Because it’s been determined that individuals who consume enough protein and are already on top of their diets don’t actually desperately need to flood their body’s with nutrients post-workout in order to grow. What’s more important for serious lifters and athletes such as us, is to focus on maximising workout performance and preparing appropriately in order to build the most muscle, and that’s where SynthaCharge steps in and why it was created.

Flick the Muscle Synthesis Switch

Synthacharge is a blend of essential amino acids (EAA’s) as well as free form L-Leucine and L-Taurine, combined with the most potent probiotics to maximise gut health. It sounds pretty basic, until you examine the research on what these ingredients can do for you in the right dosages.

Most products from other companies before Synthacharge focused on simply forcing a few amino acids into your body and playing off the immense amount of research that shows how important amino’s are around training. But what they didn’t take into account was gut utilisation. Why is this important? Think of your body like a stretch of motorway. When it’s congested at rush hour, nothing really makes any movement and is fairly static. At nighttime, it’s like free reign where you can put the foot to the pedal and cover a huge distance in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, too many of us are in the former category due to the complexion of man-made foods these days. See the comparison between muscle synthesis and the motorway analogy? In order to push through and rapidly achieve results, you need to make sure what you ingest is able to fly through without any distractions. The more efficiently you achieve this, the faster you can restart the process. And the more free runs you have, the greater accumulation in muscle mass. That’s why we include essential probiotics in Synthacharge.

But there’s another factor at work here. The amino acids we’ve meticulously selected for Synthacharge play an integral role in stimulating the mTOR pathway. Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’ll be well aware that mTOR is arguably the most crucial biological pathway in our body’s when it comes to building muscle. It is key to unlocking protein synthesis, cell proliferation and overall growth to name just a few functions. The mTOR pathway also plays a pivotal role in fat loss. Synthacharge unlocks the mTOR pathway and allows anabolic activity to run rampant in the body. Now you see why we include the probiotics in the formula and why other products have fallen short on delivering results: they’re absolutely crucial to ensuring mTOR is able to roam freely and rapidly in the body carrying out these important biological messages. See how the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together now?

Suggested Use

Whilst Synthacharge is renowned with our customers as a post-workout igniter (which is still is), there’s now more than enough evidence to integrate it into the pre & intra-workout periods. Take 3-6 capsules pre-training as well as post, and prepare to grow like never before. Remember, flick the muscle synthesis switch and watch the magic at work.