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Raging Full & AminoTaur

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

The release of AminoTaur has caused waves of excitement from our customers.

aminotaur-essential-3d-clean-500x500After a brief hiatus, finally AD were back in the peri-workout game with an amino acid supplement. But not just any amino acid supplement; AminoTaur is a beast that packs 13grams in total, 7grams of which are Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), with a colossal 5grams of Leucine, the grand daddy of protein synthesis. It was enough to have you all salivating about what it can do for your training and physique potential.

But it’s admittedly came at some confusion. Didn’t we not too long ago release Raging Full, AD’s designated performance amplifier designed to be consumed intra-workout? Yes, we certainly did. So what gives?

A brief overview of both products

Raging Full serves 3 primary purposes:

  • Elite glycogen replenishment through superior carbohydrate sources (Glucidex & Cluster Dextrin) to sustain performance and enhance recovery throughout.raging-500x500
  • Drive & Pump Complex: insane muscle engorging pumps and delivery of nutrients to working muscles, in addition to power output enhancers for huge strength gains.
  • Mineral Support Complex: A specific quantity of minerals to ensure consistent contractions throughout your training session and maximum performance throughout every set.
In a nutshell: Raging Full is a superb product for amplifying overall performance, whether your goal is strength, power, and endurance / stamina.

AminoTaur, on the other hand, is primarily an amino acid supplement. While it is absolutely appropriate and applicable to consume it before and during your workout, what additional benefits will it provide that Raging Full may not ensure?

Firstly, it’s important to note that BCAA’s themselves have been continuously proven to prevent the breakdown of lean muscle tissue and stave off catabolism during sessions. This itself make it a complimentary product to Raging Full’s performance enhancing effects. Amino acids taken intra-workout will also enhance recovery times between sets and aid in overall repair throughout the session.

Also, remember that AminoTaur itself also contains Citrulline, meaning it will tot up the amount you get from Raging Full to further strengthen your workouts.

Why not just create 1 product instead of 2?

It wasn’t plausible to combine this product solely into one for two reasons:

First, we would’ve had to compromise on the amount of each specific ingredient within the formula. If you know AD at all (and we suspect you do), you’ll know that this is completely against our ethos as a company and would never even enter our minds for the briefest seconds if it meant diminishing the overall quality of the products (trust us, putting 13grams of Amino acids into a formula containing everything that Raging Full already has was a no-go).

Secondly, AminoTaur is NOT just a product you consume around training sessions. Readers of the blog will have noted recently its effectiveness in being consumed daily, interspersed between whole food meals for overcoming the refractory response of protein synthesis.

How to combine the 2 together?

We suggest continuing to mix one scoop of Raging Full with 700mls of water intra-workout in a shaker bottle, and one scoop of AminoTaur in 700mls of water intra-workout in another shaker bottle (or bottle of water, if you don’t have 2 shakers!). Sip on both in between sets to maximise performance and recovery abilities, and don’t forget to follow our daily protocol for maximising AminoTaur / protein synthesis usage for killer results.

Freaky Amino Acid Supplementation

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

Amino acid supplementation is the topic hot on everybody’s lips involved in the fitness industry.

By now it’s well established that consuming then before, during and after your workouts can increase muscular gains, decrease the amount of recovery time needed between sessions and also enhance intra-workout performance. If that’s not a good enough reason to supplement with amino’s, then you should probably take up darts!

But what if we were to reveal an overlooked benefit of amino acid consumption, far too frequently breezed over that may be the key to unlocking freaky gains in muscle, dramatic increases in recovery and also beneficial for fat loss? Would you believe us, or think this is just a marketing gimmick?

Whilst we share your skepticism, you should know by now that here at Project AD we’re science geeks to the core and hold our customers to the same high standards – an attempt to pull the wool over your eyes will result in not only a loss of profits for our company, but more importantly, a direct hit at our ethics which we absolutely refuse to compromise on. Like yourselves, we’re athletes at heart.

So what’s this dosing protocol anyway, and what is it all about?

Dr Layne Norton’s intriguing protein research

Most people are familiar with the name Layne Norton in the sports nutrition industry. An eminent scientist and fanatical pro natural bodybuilder, he has spent an enormous amount of time studying protein metabolism.

Norton has extensively researched ways to maximise protein synthesis (essentially a way of saying the rate at which we build muscle tissue). In a paper, Norton postulated that:

“It appears that maximizing skeletal muscle protein synthesis requires approximately ~15g of essential amino acids1,2 . It has been postulated that the amino acid leucine is responsible for the stimulatory effect of dietary protein on protein synthesis3 and 15g of essential amino acids would contain 3.2g of leucine. Thus, in order to determine how much protein from a specific source is required to elicit the maximal response it may be useful to also calculate how much leucine is contained in the source.”

But there is also data tied into his article that talks about meal frequency, which is a completely new topic altogether. However, if we can go off that quote alone for the time being, then we can look more in depth at ways to maximise muscle protein synthesis in the body via amino acid supplementation.

Norton goes on to say:

“Our lab has recently shown that the duration of protein synthesis in response to a complete meal containing protein, carbohydrates, and fats is approximately 3 hours long6 . Therefore, it appears that a complete meal slightly prolongs the duration of protein synthesis. What is interesting about our findings is that while protein synthesis had returned to baseline after 3 hours, plasma amino acid levels were still elevated above baseline and plasma leucine was elevated almost 3x above baseline!”

What’s all this about? Basically, while whole food meals elevate protein synthesis significantly, they can’t be relied on exclusively to maximise protein synthesis levels. In order to overcome this ‘refractory response’, Norton suggests free-form amino acid supplements in between whole food meals. Eating another whole food meal – therefore increasing overall meal frequency – is not just inconvenient, it also ‘densensitises’ the body to protein synthesis and is inefficient at maximising it. Thus, a free-form amino acid supplement can step in effectively.

We don’t know how to overcome the current ‘refractory’ response to protein synthesis tapering off in response to whole food meals; but we can “spike plasma levels of amino acids to a far greater level than can be achieved with whole foods and perhaps this supraphysiological response is enough to overcome the refractory response.” Norton concludes.

Enter AminoTauraminotaur-essential-3d-clean-500x500

If you cast your eyes back to Dr Norton’s earlier recommendations, it was suggested that 15grams of Essential Amino Acid’s – including 3.2grams of L-leucine – is ideal for stimulating further increases in protein synthesis. Free form amino’s are able to do this as they’re metabolised instantly by the gut and able to be put to use. This is where AminoTaur is able to assist your gains substantially.

Aminotaur is ideal because there’s a whopping 13grams of amino’s per serving, including 5grams of Leucine (a total of 7grams of BCAA’s) and 6 additional grams of Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s), almost identical to the recommendations from the references article.

So here’s our suggestion, take it or leave it: mix 1 ½ scoop of AminoTaur into your shaker bottle with 750mls-1 litre of water. Sip half of it roughly 2 ½ hours after your morning meal, and the other half 2 ½ hours in between an evening meal (perhaps after your 3rd or 4th meal of the day). You’ll maximise your true anabolic potential, and should make massive progress as a result.

It may be a small, subtle change, but Aminotaur is tailor made for this one folks. Oh, and don’t forget to continue to take it intra-workout as well for maximum performance!

Referenced paper: http://www.abcbodybuilding.com/protein_size_&_frequency.pdf

AminoTaur Monster Resource May 2015

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

Amino acid supplementation is the topic hot on everybody’s lips in the sports nutrition industry. From bodybuilders to CrossFitters, strongmen to track runners, practically all athletes are reaping the rewards of amino acid supplementation. But it’s not just any old amino’s that are causing the buzz.


A quick nutrition lesson

Typically, it’s the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) that have lapped up most of the plaudits and interest in the sports nutrition community: Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine.

Research has typically focused on the benefits these 3 produce, such as leucine’s role in enhancing muscle protein synthesis and isoleucine’s ability to enhance glucose uptake. In other words, all 3 show very promising signs for increased muscular growth, recovery and surprisingly, enhanced training performance due to offsetting intra-workout fatigue.

Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) are indispensable amino acids that the body cannot synthesize on its own. Including the 3 main BCAA’s, there are 6 others including phenlyalanine, threonine, tryptophan, methionine, lysine and histidine. These amino acids also play an integral role in recovery, muscle growth and overall health.

The bottom line is without consuming them from whole foods or via supplementation, we won’t harness the benefits of them. It then becomes a question of “how much is optimal to receive the aforementioned benefits?”


Optimising Amino Acid Supplementation

Some people have suggested that simply eating enough quality whole food sources is enough and that additional amino acid supplementation is unnecessary. My response to that would be: “Are we striving to be elite, or are we content to be average?”. Very often, when you’re trying to excel at building muscle, losing fat and increasing performance, you need to go beyond the norm. And that’s why we created AminoTaur at AD.

The fact is that even with an abundance of lean chicken, prime cuts of beef and pounds of whey being jammed down our gullets, amino acid supplementation still provides additional benefits.

There are 2 key areas that whole food sources – or even shakes – simply cannot contend with direct amino acid supplementation’s benefits. These are:

  • Pre & Intra-workout
  • To overcome the refractory response of protein synthesis in between meals.

The first case for supplementing with intra-workout amino acids was tailor made for AminoTaur (or rather, we tailor made AminoTaur for your workouts!). This is because that when you train, you very often break down amino acids for energy and at worse may cannibalise muscle tissue for energy. For anybody whose goal is fat loss, intra-workout amino supplementation should be obligatory if you’re serious about results.

But it’s not just those conscious about retaining muscle tissue during grueling workouts either. Research has shown that direct BCAA supplementation consumed pre & intra-workout is able to offset fatigue in a way that whole food sources cannot, irrespective of how good the meals you’ve ate prior to training may be. This is probably because the amino acids in AminoTaur are instantised and put to use immediately to sustain and enhance performance in a manner that whole foods simply cannot. There’s a reason why all elite athletes are now refusing to train without an amino acid concoction by their side.

In addition to workout performance, amino acid supplementation can also enhance your overall physique and level of muscular development. Fascinating research by Dr Layne Norton shown that ingesting BCAA’s can overcome the refractory response of protein synthesis in between regular meals, meaning that you can spike muscle growth more potently by consuming AminoTaur in between whole food meals at set intervals.

So what makes AminoTaur unique to other amino acid supplements on the market?

It’s quite simple – the answer is in the dosage. Most amino acid supplements offer pitiful dosages of just the 3 BCAA’s for optimising physique and performance, when it’s quite evident that 3.2grams of leucine at the very least is needed to spike protein synthesis to maximum levels. With AminoTaur, you get a whopping 5grams of leucine in each hit, in addition to 1 gram of isoleucine and 1 gram of valine in each scoop. To say protein synthesis will be maximised would be an understatement – this product would send muscle building into another stratosphere!

But it doesn’t just end there. AminoTaur is fortified with an immense amount of EAA’s – 6grams to be precise – that play a further role in enhancing recovery between sessions, strengthening the immune system and keeping the metabolism elevated so you can maximise your rate of fat loss.

Clearly, AminoTaur is the elite solution for athletes looking for a cutting-edge amino acid supplement. Take 1 scoop of AminoTaur pre & intra-workout, and consume another daily, sipped slowly in between 2 meals.

“Average” is a term we refuse to be associated with at AD. We suspect you’ll be the same after picking

Stampede Stim / Neuro & AminoTaur article for Monster Resource

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

At AD, we’re huge on performance. We see performance as the primary driver of physical changes in the body and the stimulus to improve. Want to build muscle at a rapid rate? Focus on your performance. Want to get shredded rapidly for summer without losing an ounce of muscle? Focus on your performance. And want to be fast, strong and explosive? Ditto. Performance is paramount.

With so many bogus products flooding the market with pitiful dosages, we figured it was time for change, and 3 of our latest performance-focused formulas prove that. We’ve covered them in separate Monster resource articles for you, but now it’s time to give you the lowdown on what each one is, who it’s for and how to stack them for unparalleled gains in strength, speed, stamina and workout intensity that are simply essential to improving every aspect of your physique.

1: Stampede Stim

STIMM-3D-new-version-500x500Question: what ultimately drives performance in the gym that leads to the stimulus to improve.

Your answer could be that stamina was essential, fighting fatigue was imperative and increasing speed crucial, and you’d be correct. But what’s the underpinning, fundamental basis of all these aspects firing on full cylinders? You guessed it, it’s intensity.

Stampede Stim is a powerful stimulant formula designed to amplify your intensity levels in the gym. We’ve seen too many products in this category not deliver the goods, so we’ve been determined to overcome the ill-induced crashes people received from other products in this range before.

Our end result is a stunning, powerful stimulant formula, with an emphasis purely on quality ingredients that massively ramp up intensity levels without any crash at the end of consumption.

Intensity is all about maximising productivity. Think of Stampede Stim as the sort of product that you’d take if you were told you had to outpace a pack of bloodthirsty wolves before they tore you to pieces – that’s the sort of productivity it and intensity you can expect to receive from it.

When To Use It: Solely pre-workoutWho Should Use It: Individuals focused on intensity (everyone) can benefit from Stampede Stim. If you’re extremely tolerant to stimulants, then it may best be avoided, but otherwise, this is a product any athlete can reap results from consuming.Stack It With: AminoTaur pre & intra-workout


2: Stampede Neuro

Stampede Neuro is for those who want to gain that cognitive and mental edge without consuming a heavy stimulant-based formula.

Neuro is a relatively new breed of supplements known as ‘nootropics’ that display exciting mental benefits and activity for people who use them. Studies have thus far shown that they are able to increase concentration, focus and drive and potentially even enhance intellectually ability. Pretty cool, eh?

A really neat and appealing aspect of Stampede Neuro is its appealing versatility. This isn’t just a product solely designed to amplify workout performance, it can be used for periods of intense study, business presentations, or even pressured social scenarios where you need to have your head in the game and concentrate.

The great thing about Stampede Neuro is that it’s stimulant free. So if you’re looking for something that’s going to give you a real mental and cognitive boost without any possible comedown afterward, then this is undoubtedly the product you need to be looking at.

When to Use It: Pre-workout, before high-pressure social situations, pre-study and before asking chicks out on dates.Who Should Use It: Anybody involved in fitness, business professionals and even students looking for a cognitive edge can use Stampede Neuro.Stack It With: AminoTaur pre & intra-workout. You may alternate between Stampede Stim and Neuro depending on your wants / needs on a particular day (we frequently do this at AD HQ, as do our athletes)

3: AminoTaur

aminotaur-essential-3d-clean-500x500In our humble opinion, AminoTaur is not only the most unique amino acid supplement available on today’s saturated market, it’s by far and away the most potently dosed and effective.

At AD, we’ve seen pitiful dosages in BCAA supplements that don’t even come close to the recommended 3.2grams needed to maximise protein synthesis response in individuals. Not only that, but they also skip on including Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) in their formulas, an integral component in nutrition needed to fuel muscle repair and recovery.

At AD, we’ve rectified both of these problems. There’s a colossal 13grams of amino acids in AminoTaur, with a whopping 7grams of BCAA’s including 5grams of the key anabolic amplifier Leucine, in addition to 6grams more EAA’s needed to fuel muscle growth, repair and general health functions for intense training athletes.

AminoTaur is not only a fantastic pre & intra-workout supplement, we also recommend sipping one serving daily between whole food meals in order to maximise muscle protein synthesis levels.

Bigger and better dosages of key amino acids needed to support athletes. Isn’t this the amino supplement you’ve been crying out for?

When to Take It: Pre and intra-workout, as well as in between whole food meals to maximise muscle protein synthesis.Who Should Use It: Athletes concerned with muscular growth, muscle preservation, fat loss and increased performance capabilities should consume AminoTaur.Stack it With: AminoTaur goes equally well with both Stampede Stim & Stampede Neuro, whatever your preference is for those 2. You can also integrate all 3 and alternate between Stim & Neuro pre-workout, whilst using Neuro away from training for other aforementioned scenarios.