Deke Walker – TTV2 Testimonial

Posted By ProjectAD on June 8, 2015

deke1My Name is Deke Walker and I’m an all natural Physique Model/Athlete.

I train 6 times per week at Muscle Works gym in Enfield at an extremely high intensity. Some people disagree with overtraining but I feel that has been the key to my results and the physique I have today. My macros are calculated and dialled in down to the gram. But it’s not just about training hard and having a clean diet, it’s also about knowing your body and the science behind it. Knowing when to eat, the correct supplements to take and a manipulation of diet. My supplementation consists of BCAA’s , L-Carnitine, green tea extract and fish oil. Not the biggest fan of Whey protein as I believe that real food is the best source of protein.

“I noticed a huge increase in strength which at some points in my workouts I felt like a machine. I just kept going.”

Although I was happy with what I have achieved I wanted that extra level of shred, that super leanness and density that the guys in the posters have. It’s that kind of elusive hardness that most of us boil it down to genetics, or luck, or steroids, or whatever excuse we have handy and yet we all still want it. I was looking for a product that can assist me in gaining lean muscle mass in a natural way. I decided to do some research and stumbled across the product Tauro Test V2. I had heard about this product previously but I was skeptical about trying it as I wasn’t sure about the idea of messing with Testosterone levels. After doing even more research on the product I found that it was based on Organic Herbal ingredients which intrigued me and put my mind at ease. Some of the ingredients in the product which is known to increase Testosterone levels is fenugreek and also D-Asparitc Acid.

(Fenugreek, is a popular herb in Arabic regions and India. It has traditionally been used to enhance libido, masculinity and enhance testosterone)

(D-Aspartic acid is part of the 20 essential amino acids and can be found inside the testicular leydig cells, where it’s believed to work similarly as a neurotransmitter that receives the signals from pituiary gland and delivers them straight to the leydig cells which convert cholesterol into testosterone)

“I must say this product helped me achieve my goals in a dramatic way and I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase lean muscle mass in a natural and organic way.”

As I had done everything organically I thought I would give it a try.  Taurotest V2 is cycled for 3 weeks followed by one week off,  and protein consumption should be increased to at least 1.5g per lb of lean body mass. I didn’t find this hard as I loved to eat and taking one pill morning, afternoon and evening was easily memorable.

I didn’t expect much within the first week as my body was just adjusting to the supplement. I was also told the product takes at least two weeks to kick in, and I knew it would be more beneficial for me to run two cycles of this product to really see results. Week 3 is when I started to see and feel the benefits of the product, I felt stronger, looked slightly fuller and had a great sense of well being. Not to mention my sex drive went slightly animalistic at times, which I had no complaints from the Mrs.

Week 4-6 is when the product really took off.

I noticed a huge increase in strength which at some points in my workouts I felt like a machine. I just kept going. My muscles achieved more fullness density, and at the same time dropping body fat, especially in my upper torso area which really bought out my obliques. I also noticed more vascularity in my chest, arms and abs. Vein’s I didn’t even know existed.

I must say this product helped me achieve my goals in a dramatic way and I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase lean muscle mass in a natural and organic way. But remember these results were also achieved with a combination of a strict diet and intense training. Like I mentioned in the beginning the key to results is knowing YOUR body and the science behind it. I’ve spent a lot of time studying and hours of research into the human body and the science behind bodybuilding. Once you learn this the results will open up to you.

Final rating 9/10

This is my first review I’ve done on a product and I want the people who read this to know the fine details behind myself as an athlete and how I train.

Best regards

Deke Walker


Raging Full & AminoTaur

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

The release of AminoTaur has caused waves of excitement from our customers.

aminotaur-essential-3d-clean-500x500After a brief hiatus, finally AD were back in the peri-workout game with an amino acid supplement. But not just any amino acid supplement; AminoTaur is a beast that packs 13grams in total, 7grams of which are Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), with a colossal 5grams of Leucine, the grand daddy of protein synthesis. It was enough to have you all salivating about what it can do for your training and physique potential.

But it’s admittedly came at some confusion. Didn’t we not too long ago release Raging Full, AD’s designated performance amplifier designed to be consumed intra-workout? Yes, we certainly did. So what gives?

A brief overview of both products

Raging Full serves 3 primary purposes:

  • Elite glycogen replenishment through superior carbohydrate sources (Glucidex & Cluster Dextrin) to sustain performance and enhance recovery throughout.raging-500x500
  • Drive & Pump Complex: insane muscle engorging pumps and delivery of nutrients to working muscles, in addition to power output enhancers for huge strength gains.
  • Mineral Support Complex: A specific quantity of minerals to ensure consistent contractions throughout your training session and maximum performance throughout every set.
In a nutshell: Raging Full is a superb product for amplifying overall performance, whether your goal is strength, power, and endurance / stamina.

AminoTaur, on the other hand, is primarily an amino acid supplement. While it is absolutely appropriate and applicable to consume it before and during your workout, what additional benefits will it provide that Raging Full may not ensure?

Firstly, it’s important to note that BCAA’s themselves have been continuously proven to prevent the breakdown of lean muscle tissue and stave off catabolism during sessions. This itself make it a complimentary product to Raging Full’s performance enhancing effects. Amino acids taken intra-workout will also enhance recovery times between sets and aid in overall repair throughout the session.

Also, remember that AminoTaur itself also contains Citrulline, meaning it will tot up the amount you get from Raging Full to further strengthen your workouts.

Why not just create 1 product instead of 2?

It wasn’t plausible to combine this product solely into one for two reasons:

First, we would’ve had to compromise on the amount of each specific ingredient within the formula. If you know AD at all (and we suspect you do), you’ll know that this is completely against our ethos as a company and would never even enter our minds for the briefest seconds if it meant diminishing the overall quality of the products (trust us, putting 13grams of Amino acids into a formula containing everything that Raging Full already has was a no-go).

Secondly, AminoTaur is NOT just a product you consume around training sessions. Readers of the blog will have noted recently its effectiveness in being consumed daily, interspersed between whole food meals for overcoming the refractory response of protein synthesis.

How to combine the 2 together?

We suggest continuing to mix one scoop of Raging Full with 700mls of water intra-workout in a shaker bottle, and one scoop of AminoTaur in 700mls of water intra-workout in another shaker bottle (or bottle of water, if you don’t have 2 shakers!). Sip on both in between sets to maximise performance and recovery abilities, and don’t forget to follow our daily protocol for maximising AminoTaur / protein synthesis usage for killer results.