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The Stampede Dilemma

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

At AD, we say that intensity is everything.

We’re passionate about intensity because we consider it A) paramount to performance & B) necessary to improve your body composition and health.

Want to build muscle more easily? Increase your performance.

Want to enhance fat burning? Increase your performance.

Want to improve your speed and force of production?  Yup, you guessed it – this one is dependent on performance as well!

Basically, it’s performance which undermines your ability to improve your physique irrespective of whether your goal is to build muscle and lose fat, and also your overall health. Repeat after us: performance is paramount.


So Why Does Intensity Matter?

Intensity matters because it determines the quality and efficiency of your performance. Without intensity, there is no meaningful contraction during a rep; no prominent fiber recruitment during your sets; and no productivity during your workouts. Performance may be king, but it’s intensity that is the vehicle that drives you towards it. Without intensity, your efforts are, well, not really much at all.


The Stampede DilemmaAD-neuro-bottle-500x500

This is where many of you have became confused. We’ve recently release two amazing intensity-amplifiers, so which one should you go for and why two?

It’s actually staggeringly simple to explain.

Want a powerful stimulant that will amplify your Central Nervous System (CNS), get you pumped as hell and ready for war in the weight room? Stampede Stim all day, every day baby.

Now as far as Stampede Stim’s versatility goes, that’s about as far as it stretches. It’s literally the supplement to take if you want balls-to-the-walls intensity, lazer-like mental focus and relentless power output. It’s the Mike Tyson of pre-workouts – the unchained beast that comes out swinging and gets the damn job done.

Stampede Neuro, as its name suggests, offers quite the alternative. A one-of-a-kind, fascinating blend of nootropics, this unique supplement offers unparalleled mental focus, clarity, and the ability to induce concentration and cognitive function beyond conceivable realms. It’s the sort of formula you’d consume if you were asked to solve the world’s most complex algebra equation in 15 minutes, completely zoning in on the task at hand without distractions. It’s the Floyd Mayweather approach: tactically astute, neurologically tuned in and mentally unchallenged. It’s a more far-reaching source than Stampede Stim and offers a cleaner alternative for those looking for a non-stimulant alternative in addition to something to be used for periods of intense study, business presentations and late night workouts without using such a strong stimulant.

And that just about sums up both nicely. Use Stampede Stim for balls-to-the-walls intensity and power output for your heaviest days when you need to be relentless. Use Stampede Neuro when you need to maximise cognition, focus and intellectual capabilities. It can also be used as a non-stim pre-workout if you would like to cycle of Stampede Stim, or alternatively for late night workouts.STIMM-3D-new-version-500x500

Intensity? Sheesh. We’ve go that covered in abundance with these 2 beasts. The only question that remains is which one – or both – will you pick?

Grazed – Health Before Mass

Posted By ProjectAD on January 8, 2015

Health Before Mass – Here’s Why


Talking about preserving and protecting our health often draws a collective roll of the eyes and shrug of the shoulders from aspiring bodybuilders and gym rats across the country, convinced that it’s not applicable to them.

This has to stop.

Over the last year, we’ve had an influx of customers complaining of acidosis, out-of-balance pH levels and constant sickness. A lifter cannot consistently build muscle, lose fat and lift heavy if he/she is constantly broken down, depleted and suffering from gastric issues. Yet this is grossly overlooked and often completely ignored, because it doesn’t sound “hardcore”. Ignorance is bliss.

At Project AD, we’ve long been calling for a revolution. And it seems that it’s catching on as well, albeit in unfortunate circumstances.

The disturbing thing is many of you aren’t even aware of your health problems. We ‘think’ our digestive systems are intact, but they’re really not, and on the inside we’re paying the price for poor digestive health.

We ‘think’ our immune systems are strong, but society is grinding us down in modern-day life and stress eats at our body’s like a vicious tumor.

And we ‘think’ we’re getting enough quality amino acids to build muscle just through using a whey protein shake, but we’re not getting sufficient quantities of key BCAA’s needed to maximise protein synthesis.

Here’s the Solution


When we formulated Grazed, we seen a niche in the market. Whilst we were fully committed to providing a superior Greens Superfood supplement to combat acidosis and strengthen the immune system of our customers (allowing you to train longer, harder and live healthier), there was another key component we thought was a necessary inclusion.

What really sets Grazed apart is not only the fact that it’s the first chocolate flavoured Greens powder in the world (yes, we made it happen, and it tastes awesome), not only the fact that we used several super-potent organic extracts of greens ingredients, it was the incredible way we managed to work a powerful blend of BCAA’s into the formula in their elusive 8:1:1 ratio. Yes, we really did make it happen.

Grazed is the first product on the market not only able to rectify the countless problems encountered by you on a daily basis, it’s also able to contribute towards building muscle, enhancing recovery and supporting fat loss and performance through the addition of these key BCAA’s.

1 serving daily of Grazed is all it takes to patch up that broken body of yours and kick-start your gains in muscular development once again.

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – but I think we know the state the majority of us are in by now. Fix it with Grazed and never look back.


Bullk 3 Days per Week

Posted By ProjectAD on October 23, 2014

Bullk & 3 days per week lifting


It’s a misconception that the only people who buy into our brand and our ethos are the most hardcore bodybuilders and athletes around, training upwards of 4-6 days per week. While we certainly do have a large amount of individuals on our books who fall into this category, – and indeed, we sponsor several of them – it’s farcical to suggest those that can only make the gym 2-3 times per week cannot get any benefits out of using our products. It’s entirely the opposite.

One of the most common customers at Project AD is the ridiculously busy business professional / family man, or the heavy labourer. These individuals are often frequently exhausted and subjected to a high amount of physical and mental stress in their daily lives, yet they’re determined not to use this as an excuse to not achieve results. When this situation occurs, we usually always recommend a 3-Day Per Week Training Program.

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Gut Health & Ravenous

Posted By ProjectAD on October 14, 2014


Gut Health & Ravenous

Let’s be honest: our eating habits have changed over the years. Capitalism has contributed greatly to modern society and commerce as we know it today, and getting hold of food that isn’t man-made or hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides is a challenge. Modern agricultural practice has dramatically influenced not only what food we eat, but also how we tolerate that food. And, as much as we’d like to believe it, our guts haven’t evolved as substantially as we’d like to believe over the years – that sort of evolutionary change can take up to thousands of years. As a result, our stomach’s are taking a battering, and this doesn’t bode well for muscular growth.

Kombucha as an example, can be an excellent resource for gut health. OMBucha Kombucha has been researched for the last 150 years in labs all over the world from China, India, Serbia, Russia, Germany,Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Korea and beyond. Many of the studies attempt to discern the mechanisms behind its suggested reputation for helping with
– cholesterol
– diabetes
– healthy liver function
– removing toxins
– destroying free radicals
– chemopreventative
– anti-microbial/anti-fungal properties
Keep an eye on the exciting mainstream studies being conducted on Kombucha via Google – Kombucha research studies

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