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Project AD’s Stampede Stim Promotion for Monster

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

Intensity is the name of the game when it comes to training.

It’s intensity that drives productivity, whether we’re discussing the volume of sets and reps you perform, to the quality of the contractions woven into each repetition that ultimately drives muscle growth onwards. Without it, you’re a deer in the headlights, a captain without a hook, a stranded soul on a deserted island without a map.

This is why we place such great emphasis on intensity at AD, because ultimately, training is futile without it. It lacks purpose and cohesion – your body will struggle to make sense of the message you’re trying to tell it, other than to raise its heart rate a little bit and to perceive that it’s ‘exercising’ so it helps to make some minor adjustments.

We want you to ask yourself this question: are you in the gym to ‘exercise’ or are you there to ‘train’? Are you just hogging the squat rack because you’ve heard it’s a good exercise, or are you on a mission when you enter that rack to crush a PB and add an extra inch to your quads? That’s the difference between exercise and training, and intensity is the magic ingredient that drives you fiercely towards your goals.

Frankly speaking, exercise without intensity is meaningless, and that’s what we’re determined to tackle here at AD.


Stampede Stim – The Intensity Amplifier


While getting more sleep, reducing stress and eating correctly all help to physically and mentally prepare you, at AD we’re about maximising potential. If there’s room for improvement – and when it comes to intensity, there undoubtedly is – we’re going to pounce on it.

Stampede Stim is the creation of what has been a long, difficult project for us. Against all odds, we believe we now have the industry’s finest intensity amplifier, designed to cause an enormous upsurge in neurological and physical performance. But it was far from an easy process in creating Stampede Stim.

As you’ll probably know, some companies have been content to jam a bunch of stimulants into a tub for too long now and call it a “concentrated pre-workout”. What they basically meant was something that would blow your head off, but they neglected to tell you that this temporary form of decapitation doesn’t give you your head back anytime soon. Instead, it’s one you’re forced to have a restless night sleep on, anxiety, and a pulsating heart that may temporarily enhance performance but is more harmful than good in the long-term.

No, we refused to be another one of those. Instead, we went to the drawing board and looked at what worked, what worked extremely well, and which ingredients were more harmful than good in a pre-workout formula. It’s fair to say that this was a long, arduous process, but in the end we’ve got it bang on the mark. Nothing was skipped on in the meticulous creation of this beast, and we were sure that the product would be massively effective whilst you train, but not induce a crash so that you can’t come off it. We’re proud to that Stampede Stim is different than others in that regard.

Here’s what you can expect from Stampede Stim in that relentless quest for intensity.


Increased Mental Awareness, Concentration & Cognitive Performance

Stampede Stim combines efficacious dosages of Choline Bitartrate, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and Velvet Bean Extract to optimise cognitive performance. These ingredients work to not only stimulate concentration, but also encourage positive activity of ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters that will positively influence your mood and approach to a task. An ideal combination when approaching a killer workout that requires your utmost concentration.


Increased Awareness

Perhaps intertwined to the last section, but still deserving of its own mention, Stampede Stim contained crucial dosages of ingredients that will elevate your responsiveness and mental awareness to your surroundings, which will display a strong correlation to power output. Which brings us onto…


Increased Power Output

The amount of force you generate is equivalent to the stimulus to improve a muscles potential to grow or to increase your strength on an exercise. This is duly taken care of with Stampede Stim; caffeine and guarana are 2 ingredients linked to increasing your Central Nervous Systems (CNS) ability to perform, and the result is the impetus for your body to adapt.


Increased Stamina

Stampede Stim is what we call an ‘anti-fatigue’ supplement in that it mentally fights off the effects of tiredness and sluggish performance. The synergy between the compounds within the formula will ensure your workouts last longer and maintain the intensity right until the final rep, which is a crucial aspect of enhancing your physiques aesthetics and overall performance. Don’t underestimate the critical importance that increased stamina will have in supercharging your results.


A Product We Can All Utilise

Stampede Stim is hard-hitting, ethically dosed and proven to work. It will provide an upsurge in positive mental activity, amplify your CNS to increase power output and work powerfully and effectively to increase every conceivable aspect of performance. That’s the type of supplement we think everybody can benefit from at AD, and we’re proud to say Stampede Stim stands along as a leader in pre-workout stimulant category. It’s time to harness the power of untamed intensity to see what it can do for your gains.