The Stampede Dilemma

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

At AD, we say that intensity is everything.

We’re passionate about intensity because we consider it A) paramount to performance & B) necessary to improve your body composition and health.

Want to build muscle more easily? Increase your performance.

Want to enhance fat burning? Increase your performance.

Want to improve your speed and force of production?  Yup, you guessed it – this one is dependent on performance as well!

Basically, it’s performance which undermines your ability to improve your physique irrespective of whether your goal is to build muscle and lose fat, and also your overall health. Repeat after us: performance is paramount.


So Why Does Intensity Matter?

Intensity matters because it determines the quality and efficiency of your performance. Without intensity, there is no meaningful contraction during a rep; no prominent fiber recruitment during your sets; and no productivity during your workouts. Performance may be king, but it’s intensity that is the vehicle that drives you towards it. Without intensity, your efforts are, well, not really much at all.


The Stampede DilemmaAD-neuro-bottle-500x500

This is where many of you have became confused. We’ve recently release two amazing intensity-amplifiers, so which one should you go for and why two?

It’s actually staggeringly simple to explain.

Want a powerful stimulant that will amplify your Central Nervous System (CNS), get you pumped as hell and ready for war in the weight room? Stampede Stim all day, every day baby.

Now as far as Stampede Stim’s versatility goes, that’s about as far as it stretches. It’s literally the supplement to take if you want balls-to-the-walls intensity, lazer-like mental focus and relentless power output. It’s the Mike Tyson of pre-workouts – the unchained beast that comes out swinging and gets the damn job done.

Stampede Neuro, as its name suggests, offers quite the alternative. A one-of-a-kind, fascinating blend of nootropics, this unique supplement offers unparalleled mental focus, clarity, and the ability to induce concentration and cognitive function beyond conceivable realms. It’s the sort of formula you’d consume if you were asked to solve the world’s most complex algebra equation in 15 minutes, completely zoning in on the task at hand without distractions. It’s the Floyd Mayweather approach: tactically astute, neurologically tuned in and mentally unchallenged. It’s a more far-reaching source than Stampede Stim and offers a cleaner alternative for those looking for a non-stimulant alternative in addition to something to be used for periods of intense study, business presentations and late night workouts without using such a strong stimulant.

And that just about sums up both nicely. Use Stampede Stim for balls-to-the-walls intensity and power output for your heaviest days when you need to be relentless. Use Stampede Neuro when you need to maximise cognition, focus and intellectual capabilities. It can also be used as a non-stim pre-workout if you would like to cycle of Stampede Stim, or alternatively for late night workouts.STIMM-3D-new-version-500x500

Intensity? Sheesh. We’ve go that covered in abundance with these 2 beasts. The only question that remains is which one – or both – will you pick?

3 Reasons You’re Failing

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

Failure is part of the cycle of growing – everybody who’s ever experienced any meaningful success knows that. As the famous Rocky Balboa line goes: “It ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

The problem is, so many of us take the hits and we aren’t even aware of it. Instead of big, heavyweight haymakers that are delivered with the ferocity of Ivan Drago, it’s often an accumulation of nimble jabs that do the damage over the long-term. The problem is, keep getting hit by them consistently and they eventually accumulate into great damage.

We’ve identified 3 of the most problematic and overlooked problems and gave you 3 AD solutions to combating them. Time to fight back against failure.

1: Not Getting Enough Greens 

Think this is just one that applies to general health? Think again.

Not only do greens help provide a healthy pH balance and alkaline the body combating acidosis, they also have a profound effect on fat loss, with fibre being an integral component to incinerating fat and nurturing gut health, improving your absorption of nutrients. Further more, alack of greens will weaken your immune system and impair your ability to recover from strenuous training sessions.

The problem is, so many of us are grossly under-eating green foods and vegetables that we aren’t even aware of the benefits they bring, yet we’re content in allowing them to damage us. This has to stop.

The solution = Grazed

grazed-500x500Here’s what AD CEO Joe Binley has to say on the matter:

“Why are there no products on the market addressing serious athletes’ depleted health towards fiercely intense training?’ was the question we asked ourselves when creating Grazed. There were greens supplements out there, but nothing on par with what we’ve decided to formulate: a densely rich superfood formula designed to restore the overlooked acidity and pH levels of serious athletes, whilst further supporting their response to training with a potent dosage of BCAA’s and instantized L-Leucine. The end result is something we consider absolutely imperative for anybody concerned with their bodies well-being and response to stressful training: a bulletproof formula that revitalizes your health and also ensures training progress is elevated to the next level without any stumbling blocks.”

1 serving of Grazed daily is all you need to safeguard yourself against these problems and also to make more profound gains in fat loss and muscle. What’s left to consider?

2: Not Maximising Intensity

Intensity is the baby of productivity. And it’s productivity which determines your overall performance. Want to know what performance determines? You got it: your stimulus to build new muscle, lose fat and increase strength, speed and agility. Yeah, it’s pretty darn important.

So why are so many of us lacking in intensity in the gym? Probably because we sleep less and less, causing an influx of psychological damage and physiological symptoms. Sure, supplements like our BullDoze can help alleviate the suffering, but sleep is just the start of poor intensity – many of us simply aren’t amplified after a long day at work, social and family commitments, etc. When this happens, performance dips, and the stimulus to improve is non-existence. Big problems need big solutions.

The solution = Stampede Stim

STIMM-3D-new-version-500x500Over to King Joe to explain the art of intensity and Stampede Stim’s value:

“This is one area that I’ve been keen for AD to get our feet wet in for a while, but I was adamant we’d do it different from the others. There is no question that the correct usage of stimulants can effectively stimulate the central nervous system to massively enhance concentration, intensity and overall performance – the problem is what happens afterward with some people noticing the breakdown of muscle tissue when used excessively and horrendous crashes from products currently on the market. Want to know why Stampede-Stim doesn’t provide you with these adverse sides whilst still ensuring you get untamed intensity and relentless focus without the nasty crash? Well, as you’d expect with AD by now, it’s due to our unique sourcing process of the purest raw ingredients in addition to correct dosages, not over-exuberant ones that are simply intolerable and don’t provide additional benefits to users. I recommend Stampede-Stim to those individuals who are really looking to maximise their performance from the first set until the last barbell hits the floor, the sprinter who values what an extra yard of speed can do for his best time, and the fighter who wants every punch they throw to be with the confidence that it’s the hardest they’ll ever hit. Frankly speaking, if performance is on the agenda, then choose Stampede-Stim for untamed intensity.”

 3: Low Testosterone

 Ah, good old testosterone. the daddy of all muscle-building hormones; the anabolic beast you simply need to have on your side. Largely responsible for building muscle, blitzing fat, regulating sex drive and a slew of other important hormonal factors, testosterone is something you simply cannot afford to leave to chance.

 Just like intensity, our testosterone levels have plummeted in recent years. And if we don’t act soon, we risk losing it for a long, long time.

 The solution = TauroTest V2

 TauroTestV2-500x500When it comes to testosterone, big Joe doesn’t mess about:

 “TauroTest V2 was a project we thought could never happen. After taking into account the difficulty in sourcing the compounds, the price of attaining them in their natural habitats and finally formulating the product, it looked like a project beyond the scope of what any supplement brand was capable of. Not to be deterred, we persisted with creating this product because we were adamant that customers should be able to experience a matrix this powerful at least once in their lifetime. Bringing TauroTest V2 to the market today was the result of an enormous effort from Project AD, and zero corners have been cut to produce something so downright shockingly effective for elevating testosterone. Completely natural, the feedback so far from bodybuilders taking this between cycles have been nothing short of extraordinary. If you’re seeking massive gains in muscular development, strength and an overall sense of well being, then Tauro Test V2 must be high up on your agenda, because it’s unlikely to be around for long.”

Matador – Put the Brakes on Dirty Bulking

Posted By ProjectAD on January 8, 2015

Put the Brakes on Dirty Bulking – Shocking New Study


Fascinating new research has recently emerged from The University of New South Wales in Australia serving as a strong deterrent for dirty bulking.

The researchers were able to demonstrate that over-indulging in junk food makes us averse to healthy food.

The study examined the neurological effects that junk food has on the brain and its ability to shift behavioral patterns, influencing our eating habits. They were able to conclude that our self-control is directly proportional to the amount of garbage that we eat.

While this may be absolutely fine for all you ravenously hungry mass individuals out there, take a brief moment to consider the potentially dangerous consequences this may have in store for your future physique.

Firstly, we know that junk food is incredibly calorie dense. Not only is it not nutritious and adverse to general health, it’s also more likely to create new fat cells, which are problematic in removing. More fat cells = more difficult time losing fat in the future and being lean. That ‘bulk’ may count for nothing if you spend twice the amount of time trying to rid yourself of unwanted fat, only to find that you’ve found a new permanent friend.

So while you’re stuffing yourself silly with the next pizza and hamburger, consider the bigger picture: these foods have a negative effect on insulin sensitivity, harm your general health and are counterproductive to fat loss and muscular gains.

if it fits your macros

IF you still want to eat junk food…


It’s likely that this study will have the If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) crew withering in despair, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

A balanced bulking diet will undoubtedly have to rely on a fair portion of calorie dense foods in order to tot up the total calories in your diet and contribute towards building muscle. We’re not naive enough to believe you can get jacked eating lean chicken breast and broccoli 6 times per day; we certainly didn’t!

However, the solution is to take sensible, preemptive measures that retain our health, physiques and performance, and that requires a strategy.


The Project AD High Calorie Meal Plan

 matador iifym

At Project AD, we’re no strangers to our customers’ meticulous planning when it comes to nutrition and their set ‘cheat meals’, as well as high-carb days. The one query we do receive on numerous occasions, however, is “How do I stop the overspill of nutrients into fat stores, and still enjoy eating calorie dense foods now & again whilst bulking / losing fat?”. And we’ve been well ahead of the game in this regard for a while now.

This is where Matador steps in and truly shines.

Allow CEO Joe Binley to eloquently explain:

“At last! – A product that’s able to sway the master anabolic hormone insulin in our favour for real hardcore results. Many of you will be aware that whilst insulin is extremely powerful and can lead to supernatural muscular gains, it’s also a double edged sword in the sense that it can promote unwanted fat gain very easily. This makes it a particularly tricky hormone to take control of. Eat no carbohydrates, and you’ll build muscle at a snail’s pace; eat too many, and you’ll speed fat gain up faster than a Cheetah. Matador’s INSUDRIVE & GLYCOFORM Blends ensure we dipose glucose exactly where we want them to go: into muscle cells. The end result is phenomenal muscular pumps, enhanced nutrient uptake towards muscle building and profound aesthetic effects. You’ll be rushing to the mirror faster than ever before with each consumption of Matador.  “

Next time you’re rushing out to stock up on pizza, fries and ice cream in the name of bulking, you better make sure those nutrients are being directed exactly where you want them to be: towards facilitating building new muscle tissue and glycogen storage – NOT creating new fat cells.

Use two capsules of Matador alongside calorie dense, cheat meals, and one cap pre & post-workout, as well as in each high carb meal on high carb days, or suffer the implications of not doing so.

IF you’re finding your cravings are too intense at times to control, then you should be integrating ShredaBull into your bulk at 2-3 caps per day, period. The reason for this is it will block intense cravings and also assist Matador in funneling the nutrients towards the right cells, without harming muscular gains.

This is a potent combination, and one that should be looked at as a necessity for the hardcore dirty bulkers out there. We really don’t have much choice if we want to preserve and protect the quality of the cells that govern our muscle and fat.




1) Reichelt, Amy, and Margaret Morris. “Cafeteria Diet Impairs Expression of Sensory-specific Satiety and Stimulus-outcome Learning.” Frontiers. School of Medical Sciences, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 27 Aug. 2014. Web. 9 Dec. 2014.


Grazed – Health Before Mass

Posted By ProjectAD on January 8, 2015

Health Before Mass – Here’s Why


Talking about preserving and protecting our health often draws a collective roll of the eyes and shrug of the shoulders from aspiring bodybuilders and gym rats across the country, convinced that it’s not applicable to them.

This has to stop.

Over the last year, we’ve had an influx of customers complaining of acidosis, out-of-balance pH levels and constant sickness. A lifter cannot consistently build muscle, lose fat and lift heavy if he/she is constantly broken down, depleted and suffering from gastric issues. Yet this is grossly overlooked and often completely ignored, because it doesn’t sound “hardcore”. Ignorance is bliss.

At Project AD, we’ve long been calling for a revolution. And it seems that it’s catching on as well, albeit in unfortunate circumstances.

The disturbing thing is many of you aren’t even aware of your health problems. We ‘think’ our digestive systems are intact, but they’re really not, and on the inside we’re paying the price for poor digestive health.

We ‘think’ our immune systems are strong, but society is grinding us down in modern-day life and stress eats at our body’s like a vicious tumor.

And we ‘think’ we’re getting enough quality amino acids to build muscle just through using a whey protein shake, but we’re not getting sufficient quantities of key BCAA’s needed to maximise protein synthesis.

Here’s the Solution


When we formulated Grazed, we seen a niche in the market. Whilst we were fully committed to providing a superior Greens Superfood supplement to combat acidosis and strengthen the immune system of our customers (allowing you to train longer, harder and live healthier), there was another key component we thought was a necessary inclusion.

What really sets Grazed apart is not only the fact that it’s the first chocolate flavoured Greens powder in the world (yes, we made it happen, and it tastes awesome), not only the fact that we used several super-potent organic extracts of greens ingredients, it was the incredible way we managed to work a powerful blend of BCAA’s into the formula in their elusive 8:1:1 ratio. Yes, we really did make it happen.

Grazed is the first product on the market not only able to rectify the countless problems encountered by you on a daily basis, it’s also able to contribute towards building muscle, enhancing recovery and supporting fat loss and performance through the addition of these key BCAA’s.

1 serving daily of Grazed is all it takes to patch up that broken body of yours and kick-start your gains in muscular development once again.

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – but I think we know the state the majority of us are in by now. Fix it with Grazed and never look back.