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How Many Carbs Should I Eat?

Posted By ProjectAD on January 29, 2015

1621871_594426957313020_763729263_nThe war on carbohydrates is relentless.

For years now, the media, the scientists, and even the gym rats have all at some stage attempted to discredit and tarnish carbohydrates.

We shouldn’t be too surprised. The same treatment was once bestowed upon high protein diets, as well as how the macronutrient fat was the root of all evil and diseases.


Luckily, times changed, and we got better educated on those two macronutrients in order to properly assess how we can plan them into our diets and utilise their benefits. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about carbohydrates: they’re well and truly the victims of an unwarranted, merciless beating that shows no sign of stopping any time soon. That’s about to change, however.

Why Carbs are Important

Love ’em or hate ’em, your physique needs carbohydrates if it is to build muscle at a substantial rate and optimise performance levels. The biological facts remain as plane as daylight: anaerobic, high-intensity activity requires carbohydrates (glucose) as fuel. Whether you provide them directly or indirectly (gluconeogenesis) is your choice. But if you side with the latter, then muscle breakdown (catabolism) is a very real risk.

It’s also poor for maximising muscular gains. Insulin, probably the most juxtaposed and misinterpreted hormone in the world, is at its core anabolic and necessary for muscular gains. Without insulin being secreted, your gains are going to be the equivalent of trying to drive a car at 100mph in first gear. Frankly speaking, we need it to shift gears.

But this is where the problem starts. Consume too little, and you’ll fail to build muscle. Consume too many, and you’ll get fat. While insulin sensitivity generally determines the effectiveness of how you partition nutrients to various cells and construct new muscle tissue (which is why we created Matador, to enhance this sensitivity), body type also plays a prevalent role in your physiological disposition.

So, here are the recommendations:

matador-500x500Ectomorphs (naturally skinny dudes) & Highly active individuals: Eat between 3-4 grams of carbohydrates per lb of bodyweight. Take 2 capsules of Matador post-workout with a high carb meal, and 2 capsules along with another calorie dense meal during the day.

Mesomorphs (naturally muscular guys): Eat between 2.5-3grams of carbohydrates per lb of bodyweight. If you’re also regularly active and work a demanding job, then move towards the upper spectrum of carb intake. Take 2 capsules of Matador post-workout with a high carb meal, as well as 2 caps with another calorie dense meal during the day.

Endomorphs (naturally bulky dudes) and inactive individuals: Eating carbs are definitely more problematic if you fall into this category. There’s also the issue of insulin sensitivity, which makes supplementing with Matador all the more imperative to partition nutrients away from fat cells, and to maximise a slow rate of muscular development, utilising all the precious nutrients we intake as opposed to directing them towards fat storage. If you’re really adamant you need more carbs for muscular gain, then you should implement a strategy of two capsules of Matador with each calorie dense / high carb meal in order to shut off fat gain and direct nutrients towards muscular building (protein synthesis).

Endomorphs or inactive individuals looking to build muscle, yet concerned with fat gain, also need to worry about the potential of a flagging performance. To reverse this, integrate Raging Full into your arsenal as your intra-workout, which will provide rapidly digested carbohydrates able to act as workout fuel and to amplify your intensity in the gym and ensure you’re not missing out on anything.



Be sensible with your carbohydrate intake, and most importantly, if you’re concerned with the way your nutrients are being partitioned (i.e. too much fat gain / not enough muscle), then double up on the Matador in your calorie dense meals – it’ll make the world of difference in positively influencing your insulin sensitivity and maximising your rate of muscular gains.

Lastly, for those of you who want to scale back on your carb intake, and maybe work a desk-bound job and are fearful of carbs, the inclusion of Raging Full as a deterrent to flagging workout intensity is imperative and a fully-fledged solution to committing to powerful, progressive workouts.

Leave nothing to chance and keep Project AD in your corner at all times in this constant war on muscle and fat.


Matador – Put the Brakes on Dirty Bulking

Posted By ProjectAD on January 8, 2015

Put the Brakes on Dirty Bulking – Shocking New Study


Fascinating new research has recently emerged from The University of New South Wales in Australia serving as a strong deterrent for dirty bulking.

The researchers were able to demonstrate that over-indulging in junk food makes us averse to healthy food.

The study examined the neurological effects that junk food has on the brain and its ability to shift behavioral patterns, influencing our eating habits. They were able to conclude that our self-control is directly proportional to the amount of garbage that we eat.

While this may be absolutely fine for all you ravenously hungry mass individuals out there, take a brief moment to consider the potentially dangerous consequences this may have in store for your future physique.

Firstly, we know that junk food is incredibly calorie dense. Not only is it not nutritious and adverse to general health, it’s also more likely to create new fat cells, which are problematic in removing. More fat cells = more difficult time losing fat in the future and being lean. That ‘bulk’ may count for nothing if you spend twice the amount of time trying to rid yourself of unwanted fat, only to find that you’ve found a new permanent friend.

So while you’re stuffing yourself silly with the next pizza and hamburger, consider the bigger picture: these foods have a negative effect on insulin sensitivity, harm your general health and are counterproductive to fat loss and muscular gains.

if it fits your macros

IF you still want to eat junk food…


It’s likely that this study will have the If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) crew withering in despair, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

A balanced bulking diet will undoubtedly have to rely on a fair portion of calorie dense foods in order to tot up the total calories in your diet and contribute towards building muscle. We’re not naive enough to believe you can get jacked eating lean chicken breast and broccoli 6 times per day; we certainly didn’t!

However, the solution is to take sensible, preemptive measures that retain our health, physiques and performance, and that requires a strategy.


The Project AD High Calorie Meal Plan

 matador iifym

At Project AD, we’re no strangers to our customers’ meticulous planning when it comes to nutrition and their set ‘cheat meals’, as well as high-carb days. The one query we do receive on numerous occasions, however, is “How do I stop the overspill of nutrients into fat stores, and still enjoy eating calorie dense foods now & again whilst bulking / losing fat?”. And we’ve been well ahead of the game in this regard for a while now.

This is where Matador steps in and truly shines.

Allow CEO Joe Binley to eloquently explain:

“At last! – A product that’s able to sway the master anabolic hormone insulin in our favour for real hardcore results. Many of you will be aware that whilst insulin is extremely powerful and can lead to supernatural muscular gains, it’s also a double edged sword in the sense that it can promote unwanted fat gain very easily. This makes it a particularly tricky hormone to take control of. Eat no carbohydrates, and you’ll build muscle at a snail’s pace; eat too many, and you’ll speed fat gain up faster than a Cheetah. Matador’s INSUDRIVE & GLYCOFORM Blends ensure we dipose glucose exactly where we want them to go: into muscle cells. The end result is phenomenal muscular pumps, enhanced nutrient uptake towards muscle building and profound aesthetic effects. You’ll be rushing to the mirror faster than ever before with each consumption of Matador.  “

Next time you’re rushing out to stock up on pizza, fries and ice cream in the name of bulking, you better make sure those nutrients are being directed exactly where you want them to be: towards facilitating building new muscle tissue and glycogen storage – NOT creating new fat cells.

Use two capsules of Matador alongside calorie dense, cheat meals, and one cap pre & post-workout, as well as in each high carb meal on high carb days, or suffer the implications of not doing so.

IF you’re finding your cravings are too intense at times to control, then you should be integrating ShredaBull into your bulk at 2-3 caps per day, period. The reason for this is it will block intense cravings and also assist Matador in funneling the nutrients towards the right cells, without harming muscular gains.

This is a potent combination, and one that should be looked at as a necessity for the hardcore dirty bulkers out there. We really don’t have much choice if we want to preserve and protect the quality of the cells that govern our muscle and fat.




1) Reichelt, Amy, and Margaret Morris. “Cafeteria Diet Impairs Expression of Sensory-specific Satiety and Stimulus-outcome Learning.” Frontiers. School of Medical Sciences, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 27 Aug. 2014. Web. 9 Dec. 2014.


Ultimate Female Diet and Training Program

Posted By ProjectAD on October 14, 2014

Ultimate Female Diet & Training Program



Unbeknown to most of today’s society, women have always been idolised as lean, strong and powerful figures throughout history. The image of Cleopatra, the great Queen of Egypt seducing the almighty Roman warrior Mark Antony with dominant confidence, illustrates the Goddess-like figure she and so many other women were expected to emulate throughout their reigns. What was once described as competency and steadfast determination as the great attributes to encompass women leaders, has unfortunately gave way to sluggishness and incompetency at its core. Women will always be judged in attractiveness scales for their competency, not idleness.

But things are changing rapidly. The “curvy” era of women was taken too far; being overweight was never attractive, and there’s an army of women returning to their routes of steadfast determination, and paving the way for others to follow. The last 4 years has seen more women underneath barbells in the gym, throwing around dumbbell’s and powering through conditioning work than ever before. The goddess-like figure is back in fashion, and rightfully so – women have always meant to be figures of strong, lean competency. Strong is indeed the new sexy. Continue reading