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Workout Intensifiers & InvinciBull

Posted By ProjectAD on October 23, 2014

Workout Intensifiers & InvinciBull

Since the beginning of time, gym rats have feverishly attemptedinvincibull-500x500 to push the boundaries of muscular growth and progress in the gym. This has led to the development of an array of intensity techniques to extend the challenges posed by normal working sets. Not content to simply smash a challenging set of 8 repetitions out before the obligatory 3 minute rest, we’ve persisted with developing various ways of extending conventional sets and to inflict further torture upon our body’s. While it’s undeniable this has often led to great results in hypertrophy, it’s also apparent that these techniques, if employed too often, can take their toll on our joints, tendons and ligaments, as well as being damaging to the central nervous system (CNS) if performed too frequently. Thus, it becomes a fine balancing act on how frequently to implement them for their benefits and how to counteract the potentially adverse side-effects of their usage.

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