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5 Ways to Rapidly Burn Fat This Summer

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

Summer is imminent. Tops are about to come off, flesh is about to be exposed. The moment of truth will soon be upon us: just how hard have you trained in the last 8 months?

For many of us, this will be question will be a met with a collective “gulp” as our throats try to muster out a feeble excuse for why we weren’t ready.

Forget that. Visual aesthetics and your physical appearance are the subject of instant judgement on the beach; there’s no time to grab a megaphone and start announcing why you’re on an extended bulk . You know as well as we do, that ain’t gonna cut it!

Don’t worry, we get it: you’re playing catch-up already. You don’t have to give us the sob story as to why you’re not ready. We hold many powers at AD, but unfortunately, the ability to push the summer back a few months is not one of those.

Without further ado, here are 5 ways to rapidly get shredded this summer.

1: Go KetoKeto isn’t perfect for everybody, but it’s an excellent way of rapidly burning fat if you’re overweight.A ketogenic is one that forces the body to start using ketones for energy. By removing carbohydrates from your diet, your body switches up the energy source and goes directly to fatty acids to be mobilised for regular activities and brain function.Is it difficult to follow? Yes. But does it produce almost instantaneous results for most individuals? Hell yes.2: Intermittent FastingIF, like keto, is not optimal for everyone, but what do you care, right? You’re already on borrowed time, so a radical change may be exactly what you need right about now.

Implementing intermittent fasting is an excellent way of adhering to a really low calorie diet, as it forces you to make your meals more calorie dense. You’ll be more satiated as a result, and adherent to the overall diet you’re following.

A good starting point for IF is a 16 hour fast followed by an 8 hour eating period.

3: Carb-Backloading

This one is all the hot goss around town right now, and for good reason: it’s damn effective.

Carb Backloading is focused on the principle of eating all your carbs late in the evening post-training, allowing for unprecedented fat mobilisation during the day, in addition to maximising that anabolic splurge late at night.

Many people who like the “If It Fits Your Macros” approach have taken to carb-backloading due to its familiarity with ice cream, doughnuts and other treats post-workout. Maybe there is a way for you to hold onto your excuses and get results after all – with Carb-Backloading.

4: The Meat & Nuts Breakfast

Popularised by renowned guru Charles Poliquin, this one is an excellent way to enhance fat mobilisation during the morning, in addition to stabilising blood sugar levels for the remainder of the day, along with increasing your overall adherence and removing cravings for carbs.

The thing about the meat and nuts breakfast is, it sounds obscene until you actually try it. Then it actually becomes an awesome reality due to how effective it is.

 5: ShredaBull

Come on, you couldn’t let us give you 4 awesome protocols without a shamless plug, could you?shredabull-500x500

If you’re looking for a quality fat burner that covers fat loss from every conceivable angle, from cortisol control to ramping up thermogenesis, then ShredaBull has to be your product of choice.

Combine 2-3 caps of ShredaBull in your diet for just one month, and if you come back to us in one month having noticed no change, well… let’s just say it ain’t going to happen!

As a side-note, ShredaBull also works magnificiently in conjunction with the outlined protocols in this article, and you’ll notice some real synergy when it comes to fat burning in the morning and enhancing your overall energy in particular.

Start realising you’re in a rush to save your summer, and get Shredabull into the equation as a blast-gasp blast to incinerate your remaining body fat.

1 Month to Insane Fat Loss

Posted By ProjectAD on January 29, 2015

If you were told that you had to lose 8-10lbs of pure fat in 4 weeks or that your house would be repossessed, would you still say “I’ll lose muscle too fast, sorry, I pass”?

Of course not.

People have the notion that anything done quickly is incorrect, especially when it comes to either building muscle or losing fat. Bulk too quick, and you’ll become a tub of lard; cut too fast, and you’ll become skin and bones.


This article challenges the status quo with a concrete, 4 week rapid-fat-loss plan that will give you a headstart on your Summer cut, or maybe scale back on some recent unwanted fat accumulated over the Christmas / January period that’s carried into the New Year.


The Plan


It all starts with nutritional guidelines. Here’s what you’re going to be following for the next 4 weeks.

Daily caloric intake = bodyweight in lbs x 10 (I.e 200lb individual consumes 2,000kcals per day)

Protein intake = 1.3grams per lb of bodyweight (I.e 200lb individual consumes 260grams protein / 1040kcals)

Fat intake = bodyweight x 0.33 = 660kcals % 9 to get fat intake (I.e 200lb individual consumes 73grams of fat)

Carbohydrate intake = Whatever remains

One day per week, you’ll eat your bodyweight in maintenance calories (bodyweight in lbs x 14-15), and you’ll use the carbohydrates to bring up the calories. This will refill depleted glycogen stores, help reset leptin, and offset metabolic slowdown. On this day, it’s crucial to take 6 capsules of Matador in order to improve insulin sensitivity and partition nutrients towards muscle cells. Without Matador, there’s always the chance that there will be an overspill of nutrients into the bloodstream resulting in fat gain.


The initial dietary changes will result in substantial fat loss. However, it won’t get you near the the 8-10lbs target we’re aiming for. What we’ll need, is a hardcore training program combined with effective supplementation to amp up the amount of calories burned.

The most important part of the training program is to adhere to the five sessions per week to increase overall calorie expenditure. Anything less and we won’t reach the lofty targets we’ve set.

Day 1: Chest / Shoulders / Triceps (Pick 5-6 exercises and aim for 8-15 repetitions) + 5 minute barbell complex

Day 2: High-intensity interval training (HIIT) 20 minutes

Day 3: Back / Biceps (Pick 5-6 exercises and aim for 8-15 repetitions) + 5 minute barbell complex

Day 4: HIIT 20 minutes stationary bike

Day 5: Legs (Pick 5-6 exercises for quads / hamstrings / calves and aim for 8-20 repetitions) + 5 minute barbell complex



The final piece of the jigsaw which will push us over the finish line and into the promised land of that elusive 8-10lb fat loss region will be a powerful thermogenic formula called ShredaBull.

Shredabull will increase basal metabolic rate (BMR), and also enhance the amount of calories burned during grueling training sessions.

In addition to this, Shredabull will also enable us to stave off cravings on a strict calorie restrictive diet, stay focused due to its NeuroZone matrix and also minimise cortisol, which can be a catabolic hormone when cutting.

3 capsules of Shredabull per day is mandatory to the success of this program, otherwise we won’t reach the elusive amount of calorie expenditure necessary to strip off the visceral fat around the abdomen as well (where a build-up of cortisol will cause fat and estrogen to accumulate, hence the flabby, protruding stomach). Shredabull contains matrix’s to tackle both.

Other products for the program include Matador for the refeeds, while Grazed is a necessity to ensure you’re hitting nutrient requirements in a calorie deficit.

Lastly, Bullk or TauroTest V2 are highly desirable solutions to counteract plummeting testosterone levels that inevitably take effect when dieting.


ShredaBull – Staying Lean Year Round

Posted By ProjectAD on October 23, 2014

Staying In Contest Shape Year Round & ShredaBull


Folks, listen up. For years now, the term “bulking” has been completely taken out of context. It’s been used as a lame excuse to accumulate a ton of fat; to stuff ourselves silly full of pizza, Ben & Jerry’s and other calorie-laden treats we know full well have no place in an athletes diet. Yet we justify it through this word, “bulking”. But that’s not what it means.

Continue reading

Ultimate Female Diet and Training Program

Posted By ProjectAD on October 14, 2014

Ultimate Female Diet & Training Program



Unbeknown to most of today’s society, women have always been idolised as lean, strong and powerful figures throughout history. The image of Cleopatra, the great Queen of Egypt seducing the almighty Roman warrior Mark Antony with dominant confidence, illustrates the Goddess-like figure she and so many other women were expected to emulate throughout their reigns. What was once described as competency and steadfast determination as the great attributes to encompass women leaders, has unfortunately gave way to sluggishness and incompetency at its core. Women will always be judged in attractiveness scales for their competency, not idleness.

But things are changing rapidly. The “curvy” era of women was taken too far; being overweight was never attractive, and there’s an army of women returning to their routes of steadfast determination, and paving the way for others to follow. The last 4 years has seen more women underneath barbells in the gym, throwing around dumbbell’s and powering through conditioning work than ever before. The goddess-like figure is back in fashion, and rightfully so – women have always meant to be figures of strong, lean competency. Strong is indeed the new sexy. Continue reading