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3 Reasons You’re Failing

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

Failure is part of the cycle of growing – everybody who’s ever experienced any meaningful success knows that. As the famous Rocky Balboa line goes: “It ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

The problem is, so many of us take the hits and we aren’t even aware of it. Instead of big, heavyweight haymakers that are delivered with the ferocity of Ivan Drago, it’s often an accumulation of nimble jabs that do the damage over the long-term. The problem is, keep getting hit by them consistently and they eventually accumulate into great damage.

We’ve identified 3 of the most problematic and overlooked problems and gave you 3 AD solutions to combating them. Time to fight back against failure.

1: Not Getting Enough Greens 

Think this is just one that applies to general health? Think again.

Not only do greens help provide a healthy pH balance and alkaline the body combating acidosis, they also have a profound effect on fat loss, with fibre being an integral component to incinerating fat and nurturing gut health, improving your absorption of nutrients. Further more, alack of greens will weaken your immune system and impair your ability to recover from strenuous training sessions.

The problem is, so many of us are grossly under-eating green foods and vegetables that we aren’t even aware of the benefits they bring, yet we’re content in allowing them to damage us. This has to stop.

The solution = Grazed

grazed-500x500Here’s what AD CEO Joe Binley has to say on the matter:

“Why are there no products on the market addressing serious athletes’ depleted health towards fiercely intense training?’ was the question we asked ourselves when creating Grazed. There were greens supplements out there, but nothing on par with what we’ve decided to formulate: a densely rich superfood formula designed to restore the overlooked acidity and pH levels of serious athletes, whilst further supporting their response to training with a potent dosage of BCAA’s and instantized L-Leucine. The end result is something we consider absolutely imperative for anybody concerned with their bodies well-being and response to stressful training: a bulletproof formula that revitalizes your health and also ensures training progress is elevated to the next level without any stumbling blocks.”

1 serving of Grazed daily is all you need to safeguard yourself against these problems and also to make more profound gains in fat loss and muscle. What’s left to consider?

2: Not Maximising Intensity

Intensity is the baby of productivity. And it’s productivity which determines your overall performance. Want to know what performance determines? You got it: your stimulus to build new muscle, lose fat and increase strength, speed and agility. Yeah, it’s pretty darn important.

So why are so many of us lacking in intensity in the gym? Probably because we sleep less and less, causing an influx of psychological damage and physiological symptoms. Sure, supplements like our BullDoze can help alleviate the suffering, but sleep is just the start of poor intensity – many of us simply aren’t amplified after a long day at work, social and family commitments, etc. When this happens, performance dips, and the stimulus to improve is non-existence. Big problems need big solutions.

The solution = Stampede Stim

STIMM-3D-new-version-500x500Over to King Joe to explain the art of intensity and Stampede Stim’s value:

“This is one area that I’ve been keen for AD to get our feet wet in for a while, but I was adamant we’d do it different from the others. There is no question that the correct usage of stimulants can effectively stimulate the central nervous system to massively enhance concentration, intensity and overall performance – the problem is what happens afterward with some people noticing the breakdown of muscle tissue when used excessively and horrendous crashes from products currently on the market. Want to know why Stampede-Stim doesn’t provide you with these adverse sides whilst still ensuring you get untamed intensity and relentless focus without the nasty crash? Well, as you’d expect with AD by now, it’s due to our unique sourcing process of the purest raw ingredients in addition to correct dosages, not over-exuberant ones that are simply intolerable and don’t provide additional benefits to users. I recommend Stampede-Stim to those individuals who are really looking to maximise their performance from the first set until the last barbell hits the floor, the sprinter who values what an extra yard of speed can do for his best time, and the fighter who wants every punch they throw to be with the confidence that it’s the hardest they’ll ever hit. Frankly speaking, if performance is on the agenda, then choose Stampede-Stim for untamed intensity.”

 3: Low Testosterone

 Ah, good old testosterone. the daddy of all muscle-building hormones; the anabolic beast you simply need to have on your side. Largely responsible for building muscle, blitzing fat, regulating sex drive and a slew of other important hormonal factors, testosterone is something you simply cannot afford to leave to chance.

 Just like intensity, our testosterone levels have plummeted in recent years. And if we don’t act soon, we risk losing it for a long, long time.

 The solution = TauroTest V2

 TauroTestV2-500x500When it comes to testosterone, big Joe doesn’t mess about:

 “TauroTest V2 was a project we thought could never happen. After taking into account the difficulty in sourcing the compounds, the price of attaining them in their natural habitats and finally formulating the product, it looked like a project beyond the scope of what any supplement brand was capable of. Not to be deterred, we persisted with creating this product because we were adamant that customers should be able to experience a matrix this powerful at least once in their lifetime. Bringing TauroTest V2 to the market today was the result of an enormous effort from Project AD, and zero corners have been cut to produce something so downright shockingly effective for elevating testosterone. Completely natural, the feedback so far from bodybuilders taking this between cycles have been nothing short of extraordinary. If you’re seeking massive gains in muscular development, strength and an overall sense of well being, then Tauro Test V2 must be high up on your agenda, because it’s unlikely to be around for long.”

Project AD’s Stampede Stim Promotion for Monster

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

Intensity is the name of the game when it comes to training.

It’s intensity that drives productivity, whether we’re discussing the volume of sets and reps you perform, to the quality of the contractions woven into each repetition that ultimately drives muscle growth onwards. Without it, you’re a deer in the headlights, a captain without a hook, a stranded soul on a deserted island without a map.

This is why we place such great emphasis on intensity at AD, because ultimately, training is futile without it. It lacks purpose and cohesion – your body will struggle to make sense of the message you’re trying to tell it, other than to raise its heart rate a little bit and to perceive that it’s ‘exercising’ so it helps to make some minor adjustments.

We want you to ask yourself this question: are you in the gym to ‘exercise’ or are you there to ‘train’? Are you just hogging the squat rack because you’ve heard it’s a good exercise, or are you on a mission when you enter that rack to crush a PB and add an extra inch to your quads? That’s the difference between exercise and training, and intensity is the magic ingredient that drives you fiercely towards your goals.

Frankly speaking, exercise without intensity is meaningless, and that’s what we’re determined to tackle here at AD.


Stampede Stim – The Intensity Amplifier


While getting more sleep, reducing stress and eating correctly all help to physically and mentally prepare you, at AD we’re about maximising potential. If there’s room for improvement – and when it comes to intensity, there undoubtedly is – we’re going to pounce on it.

Stampede Stim is the creation of what has been a long, difficult project for us. Against all odds, we believe we now have the industry’s finest intensity amplifier, designed to cause an enormous upsurge in neurological and physical performance. But it was far from an easy process in creating Stampede Stim.

As you’ll probably know, some companies have been content to jam a bunch of stimulants into a tub for too long now and call it a “concentrated pre-workout”. What they basically meant was something that would blow your head off, but they neglected to tell you that this temporary form of decapitation doesn’t give you your head back anytime soon. Instead, it’s one you’re forced to have a restless night sleep on, anxiety, and a pulsating heart that may temporarily enhance performance but is more harmful than good in the long-term.

No, we refused to be another one of those. Instead, we went to the drawing board and looked at what worked, what worked extremely well, and which ingredients were more harmful than good in a pre-workout formula. It’s fair to say that this was a long, arduous process, but in the end we’ve got it bang on the mark. Nothing was skipped on in the meticulous creation of this beast, and we were sure that the product would be massively effective whilst you train, but not induce a crash so that you can’t come off it. We’re proud to that Stampede Stim is different than others in that regard.

Here’s what you can expect from Stampede Stim in that relentless quest for intensity.


Increased Mental Awareness, Concentration & Cognitive Performance

Stampede Stim combines efficacious dosages of Choline Bitartrate, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and Velvet Bean Extract to optimise cognitive performance. These ingredients work to not only stimulate concentration, but also encourage positive activity of ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters that will positively influence your mood and approach to a task. An ideal combination when approaching a killer workout that requires your utmost concentration.


Increased Awareness

Perhaps intertwined to the last section, but still deserving of its own mention, Stampede Stim contained crucial dosages of ingredients that will elevate your responsiveness and mental awareness to your surroundings, which will display a strong correlation to power output. Which brings us onto…


Increased Power Output

The amount of force you generate is equivalent to the stimulus to improve a muscles potential to grow or to increase your strength on an exercise. This is duly taken care of with Stampede Stim; caffeine and guarana are 2 ingredients linked to increasing your Central Nervous Systems (CNS) ability to perform, and the result is the impetus for your body to adapt.


Increased Stamina

Stampede Stim is what we call an ‘anti-fatigue’ supplement in that it mentally fights off the effects of tiredness and sluggish performance. The synergy between the compounds within the formula will ensure your workouts last longer and maintain the intensity right until the final rep, which is a crucial aspect of enhancing your physiques aesthetics and overall performance. Don’t underestimate the critical importance that increased stamina will have in supercharging your results.


A Product We Can All Utilise

Stampede Stim is hard-hitting, ethically dosed and proven to work. It will provide an upsurge in positive mental activity, amplify your CNS to increase power output and work powerfully and effectively to increase every conceivable aspect of performance. That’s the type of supplement we think everybody can benefit from at AD, and we’re proud to say Stampede Stim stands along as a leader in pre-workout stimulant category. It’s time to harness the power of untamed intensity to see what it can do for your gains.

Stampede Stim / Neuro & AminoTaur article for Monster Resource

Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015

At AD, we’re huge on performance. We see performance as the primary driver of physical changes in the body and the stimulus to improve. Want to build muscle at a rapid rate? Focus on your performance. Want to get shredded rapidly for summer without losing an ounce of muscle? Focus on your performance. And want to be fast, strong and explosive? Ditto. Performance is paramount.

With so many bogus products flooding the market with pitiful dosages, we figured it was time for change, and 3 of our latest performance-focused formulas prove that. We’ve covered them in separate Monster resource articles for you, but now it’s time to give you the lowdown on what each one is, who it’s for and how to stack them for unparalleled gains in strength, speed, stamina and workout intensity that are simply essential to improving every aspect of your physique.

1: Stampede Stim

STIMM-3D-new-version-500x500Question: what ultimately drives performance in the gym that leads to the stimulus to improve.

Your answer could be that stamina was essential, fighting fatigue was imperative and increasing speed crucial, and you’d be correct. But what’s the underpinning, fundamental basis of all these aspects firing on full cylinders? You guessed it, it’s intensity.

Stampede Stim is a powerful stimulant formula designed to amplify your intensity levels in the gym. We’ve seen too many products in this category not deliver the goods, so we’ve been determined to overcome the ill-induced crashes people received from other products in this range before.

Our end result is a stunning, powerful stimulant formula, with an emphasis purely on quality ingredients that massively ramp up intensity levels without any crash at the end of consumption.

Intensity is all about maximising productivity. Think of Stampede Stim as the sort of product that you’d take if you were told you had to outpace a pack of bloodthirsty wolves before they tore you to pieces – that’s the sort of productivity it and intensity you can expect to receive from it.

When To Use It: Solely pre-workoutWho Should Use It: Individuals focused on intensity (everyone) can benefit from Stampede Stim. If you’re extremely tolerant to stimulants, then it may best be avoided, but otherwise, this is a product any athlete can reap results from consuming.Stack It With: AminoTaur pre & intra-workout


2: Stampede Neuro

Stampede Neuro is for those who want to gain that cognitive and mental edge without consuming a heavy stimulant-based formula.

Neuro is a relatively new breed of supplements known as ‘nootropics’ that display exciting mental benefits and activity for people who use them. Studies have thus far shown that they are able to increase concentration, focus and drive and potentially even enhance intellectually ability. Pretty cool, eh?

A really neat and appealing aspect of Stampede Neuro is its appealing versatility. This isn’t just a product solely designed to amplify workout performance, it can be used for periods of intense study, business presentations, or even pressured social scenarios where you need to have your head in the game and concentrate.

The great thing about Stampede Neuro is that it’s stimulant free. So if you’re looking for something that’s going to give you a real mental and cognitive boost without any possible comedown afterward, then this is undoubtedly the product you need to be looking at.

When to Use It: Pre-workout, before high-pressure social situations, pre-study and before asking chicks out on dates.Who Should Use It: Anybody involved in fitness, business professionals and even students looking for a cognitive edge can use Stampede Neuro.Stack It With: AminoTaur pre & intra-workout. You may alternate between Stampede Stim and Neuro depending on your wants / needs on a particular day (we frequently do this at AD HQ, as do our athletes)

3: AminoTaur

aminotaur-essential-3d-clean-500x500In our humble opinion, AminoTaur is not only the most unique amino acid supplement available on today’s saturated market, it’s by far and away the most potently dosed and effective.

At AD, we’ve seen pitiful dosages in BCAA supplements that don’t even come close to the recommended 3.2grams needed to maximise protein synthesis response in individuals. Not only that, but they also skip on including Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) in their formulas, an integral component in nutrition needed to fuel muscle repair and recovery.

At AD, we’ve rectified both of these problems. There’s a colossal 13grams of amino acids in AminoTaur, with a whopping 7grams of BCAA’s including 5grams of the key anabolic amplifier Leucine, in addition to 6grams more EAA’s needed to fuel muscle growth, repair and general health functions for intense training athletes.

AminoTaur is not only a fantastic pre & intra-workout supplement, we also recommend sipping one serving daily between whole food meals in order to maximise muscle protein synthesis levels.

Bigger and better dosages of key amino acids needed to support athletes. Isn’t this the amino supplement you’ve been crying out for?

When to Take It: Pre and intra-workout, as well as in between whole food meals to maximise muscle protein synthesis.Who Should Use It: Athletes concerned with muscular growth, muscle preservation, fat loss and increased performance capabilities should consume AminoTaur.Stack it With: AminoTaur goes equally well with both Stampede Stim & Stampede Neuro, whatever your preference is for those 2. You can also integrate all 3 and alternate between Stim & Neuro pre-workout, whilst using Neuro away from training for other aforementioned scenarios.