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1 Month to Insane Fat Loss

Posted By ProjectAD on January 29, 2015

If you were told that you had to lose 8-10lbs of pure fat in 4 weeks or that your house would be repossessed, would you still say “I’ll lose muscle too fast, sorry, I pass”?

Of course not.

People have the notion that anything done quickly is incorrect, especially when it comes to either building muscle or losing fat. Bulk too quick, and you’ll become a tub of lard; cut too fast, and you’ll become skin and bones.


This article challenges the status quo with a concrete, 4 week rapid-fat-loss plan that will give you a headstart on your Summer cut, or maybe scale back on some recent unwanted fat accumulated over the Christmas / January period that’s carried into the New Year.


The Plan


It all starts with nutritional guidelines. Here’s what you’re going to be following for the next 4 weeks.

Daily caloric intake = bodyweight in lbs x 10 (I.e 200lb individual consumes 2,000kcals per day)

Protein intake = 1.3grams per lb of bodyweight (I.e 200lb individual consumes 260grams protein / 1040kcals)

Fat intake = bodyweight x 0.33 = 660kcals % 9 to get fat intake (I.e 200lb individual consumes 73grams of fat)

Carbohydrate intake = Whatever remains

One day per week, you’ll eat your bodyweight in maintenance calories (bodyweight in lbs x 14-15), and you’ll use the carbohydrates to bring up the calories. This will refill depleted glycogen stores, help reset leptin, and offset metabolic slowdown. On this day, it’s crucial to take 6 capsules of Matador in order to improve insulin sensitivity and partition nutrients towards muscle cells. Without Matador, there’s always the chance that there will be an overspill of nutrients into the bloodstream resulting in fat gain.


The initial dietary changes will result in substantial fat loss. However, it won’t get you near the the 8-10lbs target we’re aiming for. What we’ll need, is a hardcore training program combined with effective supplementation to amp up the amount of calories burned.

The most important part of the training program is to adhere to the five sessions per week to increase overall calorie expenditure. Anything less and we won’t reach the lofty targets we’ve set.

Day 1: Chest / Shoulders / Triceps (Pick 5-6 exercises and aim for 8-15 repetitions) + 5 minute barbell complex

Day 2: High-intensity interval training (HIIT) 20 minutes

Day 3: Back / Biceps (Pick 5-6 exercises and aim for 8-15 repetitions) + 5 minute barbell complex

Day 4: HIIT 20 minutes stationary bike

Day 5: Legs (Pick 5-6 exercises for quads / hamstrings / calves and aim for 8-20 repetitions) + 5 minute barbell complex



The final piece of the jigsaw which will push us over the finish line and into the promised land of that elusive 8-10lb fat loss region will be a powerful thermogenic formula called ShredaBull.

Shredabull will increase basal metabolic rate (BMR), and also enhance the amount of calories burned during grueling training sessions.

In addition to this, Shredabull will also enable us to stave off cravings on a strict calorie restrictive diet, stay focused due to its NeuroZone matrix and also minimise cortisol, which can be a catabolic hormone when cutting.

3 capsules of Shredabull per day is mandatory to the success of this program, otherwise we won’t reach the elusive amount of calorie expenditure necessary to strip off the visceral fat around the abdomen as well (where a build-up of cortisol will cause fat and estrogen to accumulate, hence the flabby, protruding stomach). Shredabull contains matrix’s to tackle both.

Other products for the program include Matador for the refeeds, while Grazed is a necessity to ensure you’re hitting nutrient requirements in a calorie deficit.

Lastly, Bullk or TauroTest V2 are highly desirable solutions to counteract plummeting testosterone levels that inevitably take effect when dieting.