Austin Stout


HOMETOWN : Delaware, Ohio

HEIGHT : 5’8”

WEIGHT : 225

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Contest Weight: 198

Occupation: Physique and Health Coach/Educator

Residence: Ashley, OH

About Austin:

I became interested in fitness while actively involved in the varsity wrestling program at my high school. My passion for weight training and nutrition came about because of training for athletics. Beyond high school this was focused into the world of physique and performance enhancement. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and helping them achieve their goals while learning from them along the way. Along the way I have been fortunate enough to work with and learn from some extremely bright individuals. Im someone that’s always looking to improve. Scratch and claw to be better. Better in life, better in this endeavour and a better coach for my clients.

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration:

This is tough because truthfully I don’t follow many sports outside of bodybuilding. However, I am a huge fan of wrestling (high school, college, international) and professional motocross. I would have to say that my favorite athlete currently is wrestler Kyle Snyder. I wasn’t a huge fan because I normally like the underdogs but he's grown on me. He wrestled for my home state college Ohio State university winning multiple NCAA titles while also wrestling on the international scene at the same time. He became one of the youngest if not the youngest American world champion and Olympic gold medalist. The dude can handle IMMENSE pressure and finds a way to win.

In terms of bodybuilding, I try to be my own inspiration. That might sound cheesy but ive always done this for myself.

Nutrition and Training Principles:

I certainly don’t have a definitive “style”. From the start my mantra has been “A Passionate & Dynamic Approach to Physique Enhancement and Health”

My goal with each client is to maximize each and every area of their programming through the use of science, anecdotal evidence, and practical experience. Control of lifestyle factors such as stress management that can aid in overall results and quality of life are also important. The body and the mind are strongly interconnected and ensuring each body system works in unison is vital to success and long term sustainability.

I have been blessed to work with a wide array of clients and situations that have taught me how to truly adapt to each and every clients needs.

Current Goals:
My business goals are always the same for the most part. Improve my services and educate as many people as I can along the way. In the past couple of years, I have been fortunate enough to host seminars to bring people from all over together to spread information. I hope to keep expanding on the “education” portion of my business as it definitely compliments my actual coaching services.

In terms of my bodybuilding, my long term goal is to be a competitive heavyweight bodybuilder and I feel that I am definitely on my way to doing so. I would legitimately like to be competitive toward the top of the national level. Slowly but surely!

Last but certainly not least, I have goals for my family (wife and animals) because I want to be able to provide stability as into our later years.

My Motivation: As cliché as it sounds, my motivation is to be my best. I am very intrinsically motivated. I am not really motivated by my environment. I simply want to be REALLY good at what I do! The success comes secondary to that.

Favourite ProjectAD Product and Why: This is tough! I use and love the entire Wellness Line. I would say Nitr-Ox tops my list though. Its my best friend in contest prep for its ability to still allow be to get a pump and remain fuller when calories get low.

Favourite Body Part: I would have to say hamstrings. I have come to appreciate a set of hamstrings that hang from the side.

Favourite Prep Meal: I get kind of crazy with salads in prep. I know I know, salads for a bodybuilder right! Lettuce, veggies, meats, fats, whatever I can goes into the bowl!

Favourite Cheat Meal: Im not really one to go crazy here but I would say Asian food is my favorite.

Competition History:

  • 2009 NGA Steel Valley Classic teen 3rd place

  • 2010 NPC Natural Michigan teen 2nd place

  • 2011 NPC Natural PA Novice Lightweight 1st place and Overall Novice Champion

  • 2011 NPC Natural PA Open Welterweight 1st place and Overall Open Champion

  • 2011 NPC Mid Atlantic Grand Prix Junior Men’s 1st place

  • 2011 NPC Mid Atlantic Grand Prix Open Welterweight 1st Place

  • 2012 NPC Team Universe Open Welterweight 4th Place

2013 NPC Ohio State Championships Open Middleweight 2nd Place

  • More to come in 2018!


B.S. Nutrition Science
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
Closing in on 10 years experience 
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

Favourite Quote:
“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

How do you balance your social life and fitness life?

This industry is both lifestyle and profession for me so its MOST of my life. However, my wife and I like to do things around the area when we travel for shows. That is one of our favorite things to do so we can make our weekend trips into mini vacas everytime! Im very fortunate to have a partner that understand the lifestyle, the demands of my work and lives it with me daily.

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry?

I don’t idealize anyone specifically but I will say that there are a lot of great individuals within the industry. While I am very intrinsically motivated, it doesn’t hurt to see others doing great work. This is just one more thing that holds me accountable to be my best.

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