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HOMETOWN : Portugal

HEIGHT : Beatriz Bio Biscaia

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Name: Beatriz Bio Biscaia

Hometown: Ílhavo, Aveiro, Portugal

Height: 158cm

Weight: 52kg

Contest Weight: 50kg

Off-Season Weight: 52kg

Occupation: Athlete and College Student

Residence: Aveiro, Portugal

About Me: I’m a teenager who loves to be an athlete. I started competing at the age of 16 and since then, I never stopped. I’m currently a student at my city’s university and I’m taking a degree in languages and business relations. My main goal is to win the Mr. Olympia one day, therefore, I work everyday to achieve a better and competitive condition. Besides the stage life, I love to spend time with my family and friends, specially at home.

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration: Angélica Teixeira

Nutrition Principles: I’m such an “oldschool” type of dietitian. Rice and chicken, sweet potato and tilapia, egg whites and oats... me and my coach like to follow a structured diet and I work way better with it than when I try to be more flexible.

Training Principles: the simplest the better. I try to stick to the basics and find what works the best for me. Every workout i do has a structure and I try to go as heavy as possible, while feeling the muscle working - I also follow the “high rep range” type of training. Every set I do is about 15-40 reps.

Current Goals: building my brand, inspiring people to be the best they can on the outside but also in the inside. I also want to finish college and then, be an athlete at 100%. As said before, my main goal is to win the Mr. Olympia - still a long way to go, but dreaming of it, is the first step to achieve it.

My Motivation: making my family, coach and friends proud. There’s no better feeling than seeing them smiling when I compete.

Favourite Body Part: probably my shoulders.

Favourite Prep Meal: oatmeal!

Favourite Cheat Meal: ahhh... that’s a difficult one. It depends on my mood. But I never say no to a burger, a pizza or sushi.

pro stage:
- Kai Greene Classic 1st place
- Musclecontest japan 2nd place
- BigmanWeekend 1st place
- Toronto pro 4th place
- Vancouver pro 2nd place
- Portugal pro 10th place
- Olympia 12th place
- Yamamoto Pro Cup 2nd place
- Musclecontest japan 2nd place
- Arnold Sports Ohio 7th place

Career Highlights: 1st pro show - pro win (Kai Greene Classic) in Italy, 2018

Favourite Quote: “my body, my rules”. My first tattoo.

How did you get into fitness and competing? I always practiced some type of physical activity (horseback riding, dancing). When I was 15, I thought I needed a change and chose the gym. Since then, I started working out even twice a day when I was on vacation. One day, my coach messaged me because he wanted me to compete. Came to my town, gave me a gym session, and I started competing.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life?: it’s not difficult when you have your priorities well set. I try to do my best at college while I make sure I do everything I have to do when it comes to competing. It means waking up at 6 am to do my fasted cardio, say “no” to night outs, say “no” to some dinners(...) but that makes me feel even better as an athlete.

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry?: Angelica Teixeira, for sure.

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