Brittany LaNae Bull


HOMETOWN : Bogata, Texas

HEIGHT : 5’5 1/4”

WEIGHT : 150lbs

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Contest Weight: 132

Occupation: Personal Trainer/Posing Coach

Residence: Texas

About Me: IFBB Pro or Average Joe, I am still and always will be, just a small town gal just trying to make her mark on this crazy thing called, Life! A Sagittarius  to the core, it’s easy and safe to say I thrive in challenging scenarios and I crave the opportunity to prove my ambitions and abilities. Wild at heart, free-spirited and always ready to take on a new adventure!

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration: It might come as a shock, but most of the athletes whom inspire me are the ones I call friends.  The ones I interact with and physically SEE them working and grinding! It’s easy to put up on social media how hard the grind is, but to actually experience it with them is by far more impressive and inspirational.

Nutrition Principles: In prep, I’m basic... keep it simple. No magic tricks. In the offseason, EAT! GROW! (But just be smart about it!)

Training Principles: you’re done when you’re done! There is no time limit on a great training session! Work hard, work with PURPOSE!

Current Goals: I’m continuously trying to grow my personal training business. The more people’s lives I can change  for the better, the bigger the mark! As far as competition, I’m going for that  Olympia qualification! There are definitely some things to be worked out but luckily, I have chosen an career that also corresponds and keeps me  involved with my “hobby”! Ultimately, the goal is the same in every aspect Of my life, BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE! No matter what the goal, go hard or go home!

My Motivation: The norm... friends, family, fans... and the idea of getting my butt handed to me on stage!

Favourite AD Supplements and Why: It’s probably easier to ask what my LEAST  favorite are, because I honestly love the majority of the line! I use Ravenous, Heart+, Liver+, Grazed and Matador literally EVERY DAY! The wellness side of the brand is truly what made me fall in love with it! On top of the insane performance features of products like NitrOx and Stampede UNTAMED... there is no other supplement I really need.

Favourite Body Part: Back and Shoulders

Favourite Prep Meal: .... seriously? Lol... guess I’ll go with chicken and potato since that’s pretty much all get in prep!

Favourite Cheat Meal: BREAKFAST!!! Biscuits, gravy, pancakes... the whole shebang!

-2014 OKC Grand Prix Overall Figure
-2015 Branch Warren Overall Figure
-2015 NPC USA Top 5 Class D Figure
-2016 Dallas Europa 2nd Place Figure
-2016 NPC USAs Runner-Up Class D Figure (Earned IFBB Pro Card)
-2017 IFBB Dallas Europa Pro Figure Top 6 (Pro Debut)
-2017 IFBB Greater Gulf Pro Figure Top 6
-2017 IFBB San Antonio Pro WPD Top 5 (Women’s Physique Debut)

Career Highlights:
-Two Overall Wins
-Top 5 Placing at first Pro Qualifier
-Transitioning from IFBB Figure to Women’s Physique in my IFBB rookie year.

Specialities: Being Awesome 💪🏽

Favourite Quote: “The most dangerous woman of all is the one who refuses to rely on your sword to save her, because she carries her own.” -rHsin

How did you get into fitness and competing?  I first fell in love with “The Iron” in high school when my school initiated  the first powerlifting team. Ever since I’ve lived the idea and process of  growing, sculpting, molding and building a physique on the outside that could portray the strength I feel on the inside. It was t until I turned 30 when the opportunity arose for me to enter a contest, and I started in bikini. I’ve grown quite a bit since then, but it still feels like the first time, every time!

How do you balance your social life and fitness life? Truth is, I don’t! It’s next to impossible to lead a normal and “social” life while on prep. A lot of people don’t quite understand  that you can’t just go eat whatever, whenever... energy sources are low... forget having an alcoholic beverage... and at the end, emotions can run high. This is not an industry, or sport, for anyone who can’t stand not to be in the social loop. The key I have found, is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share the same goals and whose path runs parallel toyours. My social life IS my fitness life. And I’m ok with that, because the fitness industry has some retry amazing people!

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry? Way to many people to name, but my coach and mentor is definitely at the top of the list.