Erik Ramirez


HOMETOWN : Colombia but living in New Jersey

HEIGHT : 5 9'

WEIGHT : 270lbs

Contest Weight: 230lbs

Occupation: self employed co owner of Pro Status Nutrition

Residence: Rahway NJ

About Me: if I can put everything in few words be; loyal, dreamer and I never quit.

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration: too many too name but let's name

Nutrition Principles: love carbs not only they work best for me but I do believe on a higher carb diet

Training Principles: hi reps as heavy as possible for example I don't like to under 12 reps

Current Goals: my goals are always to better myself and those around me who support me and believe in me that's including business, training and personal life cause I like to surround myself with people as passionate in those 3 aspects of my life.

My Motivation: to prove myself and others anything is possible and don't matter how long something can take it's achievable as longest you don't quit and that way lead by example

Favourite AD Supplements and Why: boyyy.. let's say all of them lol no kidding and if you really want to know why get at me on IG, FB or here and we can talk about each of them and how I get to put them together in my daily basis.

Favourite Body Part: shoulders

Favourite Prep Meal: none lol it's prep food

Favourite Cheat Meal: whatever it's not prep food jajajaja

Awards/Trophies: too many to list and I really can single one out cause each of them have done something or teach me some in my bodybuilding carrier.

Career Highlights: 2014 North american heavyweight and overall champ

Favourite Quote: dreams do come true

How did you get into fitness and competing? The challenge

How do you balance your social life and fitness life? After a while your social life becomes fitness life stile

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry? People like Joe Binley, owner of ProjectAD. Who through out hard work and dedication and going against all odds never quit using his knowledge gives back to others so people like me and many other can achieve our dreams and pay it back to others.