Étila Santiago Santos


HOMETOWN : Brazil - Pernambuco

HEIGHT : 5’8”

WEIGHT : 136lb

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Name: Étila Santiago Santos

Hometown: Brazil - Pernambuco

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 136lb

Contest Weight: 127lb

Off-Season Weight: 141lb

Occupation: Athletic/ Lawyer

Residence: Pittsburgh- Pensilvânia

About Me: the girl who dreams but also lives reality at the same time, never tires of trying until she gets what she wants

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration: I have as inspiration all the girls I see in the backstage, I think they all have something to teach me. It can be the most fragile moments or the strongest part of them, they all have a story behind the stage.

Nutrition Principles: you are what you eat, fact!

Training Principles: No pain, no Gain”

Favourite ProjectAD Product: Calming Cacao

Favourite Body Part: shoulders

Favourite Prep Meal: oatmeal and eggs with Professor Nutz

Favourite Cheat Meal: burger hamburger

As a professional:
- Toronto Super Show Champion 2019
- National Musclecontest Champion 2019
- Top 8 Mr. Olympia 2019
- Iron Games champion musclecontest 2019
- Top 5 Arnold Ohio 2020
- New York Pro Champion 2020
- Top3 Mr. Olympia 2020

As an amateur:
- NTT Champion - RN 2015
- Champion Potiguá and Overal RN 2016
- State and Overall Champion - RN 2016
- Brazilian Champion 2016
- Runner-up Arnold Classic Ohio 2017
- Olympia Colombia Champion 2018
- Overall Musclecontest 2018

Qualifications: 3 times qualified for the Mr Olympia

Favourite Quote: “Don’t wait for the chance of your life to come, make the chance of your life to happen.”

How did you get into fitness and competing? I saw a pic of a bikini competitor and I said to myself i want to be like that lol, I found a personal trainer and started to work or it for my fist competition.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life? you must understand that everything must have a balance, I give my best to my preparations, but if I don’t have a “rest” my body and my mind don’t work

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