Hassan Mostafa


HOMETOWN : Kafr Elshaikh, Egypt

HEIGHT : 169 cm

WEIGHT : 125 kg

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Contest Weight: 112 kg

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Residence: Kuwait

About Me: I worked for years to become a professional bodybuilder, and now that I compete at a pro level, I won’t be satisfied until I achieve a reputable career in bodybuilding!

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration: Flex Lewis

Nutrition Principles: It’s important to stay consistent with nutrition and eat consciously all year long. No on-off dieting. It’s a life long commitment.

Training Principles: For my body type consistent cardio 6 days a week is a must. Training 6 days a week during prep and offseason as well.

Current Goals: I would like to win pro shows and place at the top 5 at Mr Olympia sometime in the future.  As for training, I’m working on improving my waist size and posing routines. For my personal life, I would love to grow my family and have kids soon.

My Motivation: What motivates me every day is my family and my dream to build a big name for myself.

Favourite ProjectAD Product and Why: Ravenous, because I have IBS and I struggle with bloating problems. It helps my stomach to digest food better and I noticed less bloat after eating my meals. It’s one of a kind!

Favourite Body Part: Legs

Favourite Prep Meal: Roasted potatoes (cooked on a skillet with little oil spray and sweet paprika) and omelette: onions, bell pepper, mushrooms, egg whites and one whole egg.

Favourite Cheat Meal:

During prep I love sushi, and off season I love stuffed crust pizza!


1st place Junior World Champions at 22 years old

Overall winner and Pro Card at Amateur Mr Olympia Kuwait at 26 years old

Career Highlights:

Winning 3rd place at my pro debut Indy Pro in March 2019

Favourite Quote:

As long as there’s willpower, nothing is impossible.

How did you get into fitness and competing?

My dad motivated me to train when I was 17 years old. I entered a local show for fun but when I did so good it became a passion and continued competing.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life?

At a pro level you can’t separate between the two. Diet and training are my priority and I’m blessed with a wife that alters our social life to fit into my fitness lifestyle.