Josh Coyle


HOMETOWN : Banbridge, Northern Ireland

HEIGHT : 5'11

WEIGHT : 240lb

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Banbridge, Northern Ireland



Contest Weight:

Off-Season Weight:

Online Coach and Personal Trainer

Residence: Belfast

About Josh:
I am currently 24 years old and have been competing for 3 years now, this year being my second year competing at a progressional level (IFBB Pro). I began training at the age of 16 when I was playing rugby, at a semi - professional level (Ulster under 18’s and 19’s). Over the years of weight training I began to fall in love with bodybuilding as I started seeing the results from hard work. The discipline that comes with the sport, has helped shaped my mindset for everything including my own business and career goals! Over the years I have coached and prepped 100’s of guys for competitions, holidays, and photo shoots. I’ve been living my dream job at such a young age, I feel extremely privileged and blessed to be in this current position and to have an amazing sponsor like Project AD behind me, backing me all the way to the Olympia!

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration:
Favourite Athlete would be Chris Bumstead. He is of a similar age and has accomplished Mr Olympia Classic Physique title. His physique is the most impressive in my opinion, out of the entire sport across all categories.

Nutrition Principles:
Im a firm believer in picking foods that digest well for your body. This will be through trail and error of course. In order to perform at your best you must eat nutritious whole foods and try stay away from processed ingredients. From my own experience, eating healthy has a huge influence on how you feel mentally... eat good to feel good! And of course the odd meal off plan does serve a good purpose to stay mentally refreshed, sometimes it’s good to have a meal off plan for enjoyment... and let’s face it who doesn’t love a big greasy cheeseburger with a portion of chips!

Training Principles:
Progressive overload and low volume training is the approach for myself and my clients. A stronger muscle is a bigger muscle, and if you have set movements for your big lifts e.g Hack squat or Deadlift, repetition of these exercises over the months and years, alongside chasing progressing in the logbook (weight) and making sure form is perfect, you will create a far more impressive physique compared to jumping to and from exercises and not tracking your lifts (I like to call this - winging it). And rest days are vital! In order to grow and get stronger, your body needs a rest. I like to take 2-3 rest days a week.

Current Goals:
Business - to have a full diary of Global online Clients and to continue to have a 100% placing rating for my clients at competitions... placing from 3rd up to 1st place
Training - to work my way up to 4 plate incline bench for a top set of 10-12 controlled reps, 6 plate squat a side for 10-12 reps and to be able to deadlift 300kg by the end of 2020 for 4-5 comfortable reps. The work for this has already begun!

My Motivation:
My motivation comes from within. I’ve always set myself a high standard of life
Goals, and seeing progressing in all parts of life - personal/business, gives me so much motivation to continue to keep doing what I’m doing and be able to help others along the way. I’m obsessed with progression, literally live and breathe bodybuilding and coaching 24/7 around the clock 365 days a year

Favourite ProjectAD Product and Why:
Very hard to pick one so I’ll have to chose 2!
Shredabull - I’ve used Shredabull every prep and It has literally made my daily cardio a breeze every time! When foods low and legs are heavy, cardio can be a killer. Shredabull gives me such a kick of energy and I always love the sweat/thermogenic effect from taking them on an empty stomach. It’s the best product I’ve ever used and all of my friends and clients think the same. Hands down best fat burner on the market!

Aminotaur - This has been a staple
Supplement all year round which I drink throughout every workout. The EAA and BCAA mix is essential for both preserving fuelling your muscles during exercise. This is key for any type of bodybuilder or sports athlete. No gains will ever be lost when taking the Aminotaur!

Favourite Body Part:
Legs - I’m in love with training legs! The pre leg day build up to the session when you know you have certain weight to push, makes you feel nervous and excited! Then after the workout once you’ve smashed it, the sensation of not being able to walk is satisfyingly good haha

Favourite Prep Meal:
Post workout - cream of rice with blue berries and whey, and a bagel to dunk into the meal! Tastes like cake batter, yummy! I’m a sucker for a sweet tooth haha

Favourite Cheat Meal:
Sushi or Five guys double bacon cheeseburger and fries

1st Place Muscle Model PCA Irish open 2016
1st Place PCA Saxon Classic Men’s physique 2017
1st Place Irish Muscle Contest Men’s Physique and Overall winner 2018 (Pro card)
Placing within the top 10 of my pro debut, out of 34 competitors In Orlando Florida, Europa Games 2019

Career Highlights:
Probably would be winning my pro card and bursting into tears of joy as I nearly pulled out from the show 3 weeks prior! And of course stepping on stage as a IFBB Pro for the first time ever

9 GCSE’s and 3 A-Levels getting accepted into Queens University Belfast.

Favourite Quote:
Quitters never win and winners never quit

How did you get into fitness and competing?
I got into this sport whenever I had to train in the gym to bring my strength up for the rugby pitch as I was always the smallest/skinniest guy on the pitch. Whenever I decided to stop playing rugby and focus on bodybuilding, my first goal was to step on stage to show everyone who didn’t believe I could do it. After my first show I completely fell in love with the whole process of building your physique in the off season and stripping right down taking all the fat off for competition season!

How do you balance your social life and fitness life?
I find having a cheat meal every weekend allows me to see my friends who don’t compete - which helps keep my social life. I don’t drink alcohol or party anymore, that’s just not for me. I have found many friends in the gym and they will be my friends for life as we share the same passion and have the same drive in life. So sometimes me being social, is actually training with my friends in the gym pushing every set to complete failure

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry?
Physique Goals - Chris Bumstead, Jamie Dorego, Darren Farrel, Jeremy Beundia
Business goals - Joe Binley and Jordan Peters

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