Melissa Bumstead


HOMETOWN : Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

HEIGHT : 5’7

WEIGHT : 150

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Name: Melissa Bumstead

Contest Weight: 140

Occupation: Student / Self-employed

Residence: Ottawa

About Me: I am a neuroscience student at Carleton University in Ottawa. I love my family, I love my dogs, I love my life. I have a slight shopping addiction, and my vice is trashy reality TV. Over the last few years I have learned that your outlook on life is a direct representation of your happiness so if you don't have a positive one on yours I have no room for you in mine. I am fiercely loyal and expect the same from my people.

Nutrition Principles: Fuel your body with the best - inner health will always show on the outside. Oh and treat yo’self every once and a while!

Training Principles: Do what works for you, work hard and be consistent.

Current Goals: Graduate University, Get back on that Olympia stage, and connect with as many bad ass people as possible in the process.

My Motivation: To always be better than yesterday, even if it’s only by a little bit.

Favourite AD Supplements and Why: GRAZED - because health starts from the inside out!

Favourite Body Part: Shoulders

Favourite Prep Meal: PROATS

Favourite Cheat Meal: SUSHI

Career Highlights: 2017 Lenda Murray - First Pro Win

Favourite Quote: "That shit that makes your heart beat faster and your eyes glow when you talk about it, no matter if its hiking, yoga, gardening, sex, photography, helping others - do that. Do it as often as you can. Because that’s what life’s about. Creating as many passionate happy moments as possible. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing the things you love - not even yourself."

How did you get into fitness and competing? I met my partner Iain in 2012 and had no idea what bodybuilding was. We went through his first prep as a couple in 2013 and after that experience (it was not the most pleasant) and after watching the Olympia with Iain in 2013 I decided to give this whole competing thing a go. Not only to gain perspective, but because I absolutely fell in love with the look of Figure and the elegance I saw on that Olympia Stage. Fast forward to 2015 Canadian Nationals: I won the Figure Overall and earned my IFBB pro card. To this day, every time i step on stage my passion for this sport grows.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life? I’m very blessed because the people closest to me are in the industry as well but I always make sure to connect with the people that add to my life regularly. And if I am ever feeling off, I check in to see if I have neglected any of the relationships that matter to me. If I have, I make sure to nourish those relationship a little bit cause that’s the stuff that matters most.

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry? Nicole Wilkins