Shanique Grant


HOMETOWN : Port Antonio, Jamaica - Resident Las Vegas

HEIGHT : 5 ft 7 in

WEIGHT : 152 lb

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Las Vegas, Nevada

There are times in life when the odds are stacked against you, when you feel like nothing is going right and that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Everything seems futile, nothing seems to work, and it seems as is fate is playing some sick joke on you, ensuring that you never fulfil your dreams.

Overcoming many challenges & adversity in life, there’s no doubt that Shanique Grant will cement herself in bodybuilding history.

Shanique Grant, Ms Olympia has the AD GENE

About Shanique

I am a 24 year old Professional Athlete in the International Federation of Bodybuilding, as the current YOUNGEST reigning Ms Physique Olympia. It’s been a journey to obtain such a glorious title and I’ll do everything it takes to retain it. Gradually, I am focusing on branding my name while inspiring those who have the same dreams, along the way that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. My mother is my best friend, my life. She’s always been my strength within each breath I take, I’d do anything for that woman. I LOVE shopping, my favorite kind of therapy, and you know for sure I will never turn down a good cheat meal. I live life to the fullest every single day because tomorrow is never promised.

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration:

Iris Kyle

Nutrition Principles:

Indulge here and there but feed your body what it really needs at all times.

Training Principles:

Have fun and switch it up from time to time. Never be afraid to push past your comfort zone.

Current Goals:

My main focus this fall is to drop my first two items of my own clothing line. It’s been a dream to begin branding my name!


I never want to fail, Never! So I will always push, no matter what obstacles I have to endure.

Favourite ProjectAD Product and Why

Shredabull! Oh my gosh, it heightens my mood every morning before my fasted cardio. Overall it gets me sweating profusely and focused ready to own my cardio and abs sessions.

Favourite Body Part:


Favourite Prep Meal:

Chilled Protein Shake for breakfast!

Favourite Cheat Meal:

In N Out Burgers, hands down.


  • 1st Place 2016 New York Pro

  • 1st Place 2017 Karina Nascimento Classic

  • 1st Place 2017 New York Pro

  • 1st Place 2018 Arnold Classic

  • 1st Place 2018 Mr Olympia

Career Highlights:

Winning the Ms Physique Olympia Title last year in 2018.

Favourite Quote:

“Keep your head up, they will kill to see you fall”

How did you get into fitness and competing?

I began working out for my health back in 2013, within several months (May of 2014) I met my coach Johnny Casalena who took me under his wing. He saw so much potential I didn’t see at just 18 years old. We got into my first show NPC Muscle Beach Championships August of 2014 where I placed first and overall in the figure division, 14 weeks later I placed first in another show East Coast Championships. The following weekend I competed at NPC Nationals where I gained my IFBB Pro Card and was officially one of the Youngest Figure Pros in history at 19 years old.

How do you balance your social life and fitness life?

I like to keep myself around people who have the same work ethic as me. Don’t get too consumed in the social life but have enough fun where you don’t feel trapped in your fitness lifestyle. Balance is important for you mentally! Always keep the right people in your circle, they will keep you on track!

Who do you look up to in the fitness industry?

Iris Kyle

Shanique Grant, Ms Olympia has the AD GENE ... do you?