Travel & Staying On Track with IFBB Pro Jamie Do Rego

Posted By Jamie Do Rego on April 14, 2019

I think this is probably a topic that can help everyone as it’s something not many people cover!

This year has really made me realize that it’s much easier to travel and stay on point during prep than we think! Back in the day the thought of traveling used to stress me out… thinking about all the food prep and where I can train would be overwhelming, I simply couldn’t cope!

After being forced into certain situations and locked down to a hectic travel schedule I soon realized that it’s really isn’t all that bad and it’s actually easily manageable IF you are ORGANIZED!!

So how do I get around traveling form country to country and stay organized and on prep?!

I think the NUMBER ONE rule is you plan ahead, you know where you are situated? what supermarkets are close by and around the area? where is the nearest gym? Do I have cooking facilities? Do I have storage facilities?

These are all factors you must consider

In an ideal world when traveling I would generally just book a place with a kitchen, prep my meals as and when needed and train around my schedule… although not ideal to be out of routine it’s completely manageable if you are willing to make EFFORT to make sure you are on point and accountable

Worst case scenario and I have no access to cooking facilities… what would I do?!

These days we are blessed that most supermarkets actually do pre cooked meats and food, so as long as Iv got food scales with me I know I can make it work… I can buy pre cooked chicken, salmon, shrimp, tuna, egg whites, whey isolate from pretty much EVERY supermarket so I know I have redly available protein sources as and when needed… again with carbs if I know I would struggle with foods I would stick with rice based products such as baby rice or rice cakes… these make prepping your carbs so easy and convenient because very little food prep is actually needed… Same would go for oats… simply add water and your carb source is complete!!

Another question I often get asked if how do you deal with flights and water retention?

These days i keep it basic and simple, if actually used flights this year especially long haul flights to deplete and get drier and it works when you know how…

I would recommend fasting during plane journeys… I drink water but I generally would do no food during a flight… if My flight was a little to long/far I would stick to strictly protein during the flight… 1-2 meals do tie me over… ZERO carbs in my opinion is key during flights! Again it’s all manageable if your willing to do what needs to be done

They key to prepping and traveling at the same time really is just about being organized, not making excuses and doing the necessary…. if you want it bad enough you won’t let travel effect you… it’s that simple!