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Posted By ProjectAD on May 19, 2015


It’s the one subject that dominates the iron game. You chase it, I chase it – we all chase muscular gains..carb refeed

Bodybuilders are hungry for muscle because it adds to their aesthetic and makes them look jacked. Athletes pursue it because they need it to take their performance to the next level. Ladies love muscle because it makes them sexy in all the right places and strong.

Face facts: a physique shrouded in muscle is impressive and sends out a signal of strength to an increasingly judgemental world. It looks awesome being muscular,and it feels it, too. This is our inherent, gut reasoning for chasing muscle mass so relentlessly.

But what really drives muscular growth?

The answer is a lot. There’s a myriad of hormones at play: insulin, growth hormone (GH), IGF-1, to name just a few of the most important.

And then there’s testosterone, which is probably the most important governing hormone over what you look, feel and perform like on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Better pay attention to it, folks.

The Role of Testosterone

TauroTestV2-500x500Testosterone serves several functions in the body, but for the purpose of this article and my audience, I’m going to tell you a little bit about how it’s involved in muscular growth. It will also explain why I’m so fanatical about creating cutting-edge, innovative testosterone boosting supplements such as AD’s Tauro Test V2 (TTV2).

The first thing to know about test is that it’s a member of a group of hormones called androgens. Many of you have probably heard and know about the androgen / estrogen balance in the body, and how too much of the latter hormone results in a soft physique, poor definition and limited ability to build muscle. Don’t even get me started on its effects on your sex life.

Anyway, our trusty old friend testosterone exudes a pretty damn important effect in our bodies. It’s not only responsible for your sex drive, it also is an eminent player in the role of muscular growth, and it all begins when you first start lifting weights (resistance training).

When you perform strenuous activity, you inflict trauma upon the tissues and cells, for our sake known as ‘muscular damage’. Why damage a muscle, you might ask? It’s all about creating a stimulus to grow and which the body can respond to by increasing in size and adding new proteins to muscle fibers. Essentially, you go to the gym to damage, and you fuel through nutrition to repair. Your muscle adapts accordingly and improves itself, thus the cycle restarts by which you must increase the stimulus. This process is called ‘Protein Synthesis’.

So where does testosterone come into play?

During this state, the body responds by secreting a number of hormones in response to the stress, one of which needs is testosterone. Testosterone needs to be present in sufficient quantities as a growth factor because it binds itself to your muscle cells and amplifies signals in them which directly results in protein synthesis. No testosterone = no protein synthesis = no muscular gains. Sucks, huh?

It’s pretty self-evident now why bodybuilders and athletes have been doping with synthetic forms of testosterone for decades now: they’re incredibly anabolic, and pack on muscle faster than a formula-1 car.

Quick question: do you get under 7 hours sleep per night?

If so, your testosterone is already taking a battering. During the first week of sleep deprivation, your body loses its ability to produce up to 10-15% of its test levels. That’s 10-15% less ability to build muscle, folks.

And those results were determined by studies that lasted just a week! The research going into long-term sleep deprivation suggests unprecedented damage on testosterone, and was one of the reasons we formulated BullDoze for enhanced quality REM sleep (Sorry for the plug).

Sleep deprivation is just the start of the plight of your testosterone. Factor in stress, long working hours, processed foods, and too much time on electronics and not in the open air, and you’re looking at a massive reduction in your ability to build new muscle mass.

This is why I’m such a strong proponent of every healthy adult reaping the rewards of supplementing with a powerful, natural testosterone booster such as Tauro Test V2.

TTV2 was formulated after years of both myself and my teams personal research into sourcing organic herbal compounds able to send T-levels into another stratosphere. We achieved that, and it was costly – but we knew the market needed something like this, and we’re including you in that bracket.

Not only are the raw ingredients in TTV2 sources at its original sources in the world (some of the most remote regions), they’re manufactured to impeccable standards, ensuring that the formula we deliver is in its most potent form by the time you consume it.

The blunt reality is that our T-levels – both male and female – are at an all time low, folks. We have a choice: should we act on it, or blatantly ignore reality?

Other Benefits of TTV2

Obviously, Tauro Test V2 is, in my opinion, the finest quality natural testosterone booster on the market. It’s safe, contains innovative, scientifically backed ingredients in the right dosages, and will provide you with an enormous boost.

But TTV2 doesn’t just contain compounds that boost testosterone. Users can also expect to experience the following when supplementing with this anabolic beast:

  • Increased sex drive / libido
  • Lowered estrogen levels (ladies, take note!)
  • Enhanced protein synthesis
  • Powerful nutrient partitioning effects
  • Better insulin sensitivity

It’s a nice feeling to know that a one-off investment in your physique and health can deliver all of these benefits. There’s never been a sweeter feeling than chugging on a post-workout shake or chomping on a steak, just knowing all those nutrients are going to be utilised for the purpose of sculpting layers of mass, as opposed to being partitioned poorly towards fat cells or another wasteful purpose.

A Word on Women

zane1smallLadies looking to take their muscular development to the next level should not fear supplementing with TTV2.

Women need testosterone to build muscle, just as men do – period. The reason women generally build muscle at a much slower rate is exactly because they produce so much less testosterone in comparison to males! Imagine being able to have a leg up in this aspect and to build muscle at a rate at which your male counterparts are able to do so? Your discipline would be truly rewarded with the gains it deserves.

TTV2 has specific ingredients in place to moderate levels of androgen to estrogen, ensuring that you’re able to maximise muscular development without any adverse side-effects you’d expect to get with a testosterone boosting supplement.

This point can’t be stressed enough. Once again, ladies, we reiterate: you absolutely CAN supplement with Tauro Test V2, and you’ll find in the images below some of our athletes and customers currently reaping the rewards to build more formidable physiques and confident minds.

Concluding Thoughts

I know I’ve dropped a fair amount of science on you guys today, but having close relationships with Monster, I know their breed of customers are smart, intelligent and decisive, which is exactly why I expect them to take me up on my offer to try TTV2 out for 4-8 weeks in order to judge its effectiveness. It’s also in our blood at AD, so we can never apologise for explaining the benefits of our range too much, as we know our customers demand the best.

After you make the right decision, be sure to keep me updated on your results via Monster’s website or on social media.

The war on muscle has been waging a long, long time. Isn’t it time you gained the upper hand and had something positive to show for your efforts?