When to Introduce Cardio in Your Contest Prep by Dominick Cardone

Posted By Dominick Cardone on October 19, 2018

IFBB Pro and contest prep coach Dominick Cardone discusses the right time to introduce cardio into your contest prep.


When should somebody introduce cardio into contest prep?

In my opinion, right off the bat at the start. Why wait for later on?


You don’t know the state your body will be in if you wait to start it.


My thing is to be ready early, and if you are ready early then it simplifies things much more towards the end of prep.


Cardio is NEEDED to become truly peeled. Not just in shape, but true, peeled contest conditioning.


Ask ANY old school coach or bodybuilder and they will agree.


There is this new thinking that you can get away with minimal cardio and high food. Well, based on recent years showings, this isn’t really working out.


So jump on the cardio right away, kill it and best case scenario is you pull back on it towards the end.




Cardio is a necessity, not optional. Follow Dom’s advice by including it from the start to get the most out of your contest prep.