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Outstanding product! After about 5 weeks, I have visibility noticeable gains! I know I'm not exaggerating nor 'seeing what my mind wants to see' because my shirts feel tighter around my shoulders and biceps!
RESULTS: Strength gains noticeable. Dumbbell bench press went from 90 pounders to 110's very smoothly!
SIDE EFFECTS: None from what I can tell...I feel great.
I take three servings a day. One in the morning, one about an hour pre-workout, and one before bed (an absolute must)."

- DieselStatus

I love this type of supplement ... Ok so in summary i managed to stay at 8% bodyfat, and gained 4lbs of lean muscle over the 24 day period...which for me as a natty is bloody fantastic...very happy and would recommend Matador to anyone! I would attribute the 4lb gain to the glucagon supercompensation which Matador really excels at.

- vasqueler

christiantyleredwards @projectadofficial , I appreciate a good honest company with a CEO and VP that bust their asses daily to deliver a hard hitting , honest products.

- christiantyleredwards