Being The Best Supporter That You Can Be With Emily Waite

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Being in a house where someone is getting ready for a show it takes EVERYONE’S support to be fully successful. Not having the support of one person can have such a negative impact on an athlete not only mentally but physically. I’m not saying it’s imposable to achieve the end goal but It’s going to make the accomplishment that much harder. If you love or care for the athlete, why not make it as easy as possible and help set them up to the best of your ability for success? I have gone through many preps with my husband and each one is different from the last. I understand the process of show prep and want to make it as stress free as I can.

When you live with others it’s a TEAM effort. I can’t say that enough. Living alone I imagine a show prep being so robotic, everything in its place, and not having to resolve a disagreement with another. I have never dieted for a show when I lived alone so I can’t speak for what that’s like. Living with others on the other hand, I can talk about. I want to share a few personal experiences I’ve gone through that maybe another can take something from.

When I am getting ready for a show, I like things to be a certain way. There’s a place for everything and that’s the way I want it. Although, that’s not always how it goes. There’s a give and take from both sides now. Just because someone is prepping does not mean the world revolves around them. If you’re running into any type of disagreement like this, I suggest both parties explain the reasoning behind their thought and come to a solution. One side is not always the best way of doing things. Try to find a resolution that pleases both sides. Communication is so important when there is more than one person involved; it’s the #1 most important tip to making it through a prep.

As an athlete is getting down to 4-6 weeks out they become a little more on edge. Just remind yourself that this is not how they are always going to be. My tip, the more you help out with little tasks (ex. clean their containers, have your stuff picked up around the house, make arrangements for the kids so he doesn’t have to stress about it) the more at ease they are and it honestly makes the process more enjoyable for both of you. There is nothing more that I love than being the supporter and watching my husband on stage during his routine. The fact that we did everything we could to put him at his best crosses my mind the whole time. I would feel horrible if I knew I did things purposely to make things harder on him and pretty much sabotage his prep. I like knowing I did my part to the fullest. That way if we don’t do as well as we had hoped we know that we were at our best and didn’t leaving anything behind.

Do all that you can to help the other because if the tables were turned I’m sure they would do the same for you. Leave nothing behind and have no regrets. Enjoy the process instead of fighting it. You’ll be surprised what you can get out of going through a prep with another. My personal experience, every prep Chris and I grow closer to one another and come out stronger than when we started.

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