Binge Eating After Contest? Good Idea?

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Im not Mr. Perfect….after my first show, I put almost 30lb’s on in a week.

I learned my lesson to say the least…

I see on social media people going all out for days after the show eating non stop. People do not realize how detrimental this can be, and I’m not talking physique wise. Yes, you will and can ruin insulin sensitivity, put fat on etc. But the main concern for me is internally. Massive amounts of water retention after being severely dehydrated, can put you in the hospital. I have seen it first hand with people. You are going to severely stress the kidneys, heart, gallbladder and even the liver.

To go from a low carb, low fat diet to extremes of both and sugar etc, and binge, is very foolish.

So I always tell my clients, hydrate night of the show and enjoy whatever. The next day which is usually Sunday, begin 2-3 gallons of water to start flushing out and enjoy food throughout the day. We than begin reverse dieting on Monday and adding cardio back in. You must slowly bring the food back in, your body must stabilize and find homeostatis again. Doing it this way will keep you lean, but your also going to grow like crazy. This phase is the post contest rebound. You are extremely lean, your body is super sensitive and like a sponge. So this is an amazing time to put muscle tissue on while perserving your health.

A little bit goes a LONG way. So remember guys, be smart. Yes the temptation is there, all pressure is off. But its not just about your physique, don’t kill yourself for food. Especially after working your ass off for months on end.

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