Bullk 3 Days per Week

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Bullk & 3 days per week lifting


It’s a misconception that the only people who buy into our brand and our ethos are the most hardcore bodybuilders and athletes around, training upwards of 4-6 days per week. While we certainly do have a large amount of individuals on our books who fall into this category, – and indeed, we sponsor several of them – it’s farcical to suggest those that can only make the gym 2-3 times per week cannot get any benefits out of using our products. It’s entirely the opposite.

One of the most common customers at Project AD is the ridiculously busy business professional / family man, or the heavy labourer. These individuals are often frequently exhausted and subjected to a high amount of physical and mental stress in their daily lives, yet they’re determined not to use this as an excuse to not achieve results. When this situation occurs, we usually always recommend a 3-Day Per Week Training Program.


3…Is A Magic Number

You’ve only got to scan the internet to see a glimpse of some of the most successful training programs ever developed for gym-goers over the years looking to pack on muscle and build strength: Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, Starr’s 5 x 5, Reg Park’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s idol) bodybuilding routine. One thing all these programs had in common was that they were not only performed 3 times per week, but the results of people who followed them were exceptional. Nobody who has followed the aforementioned routines diligently has ever came out the other end having not built a significant amount of muscle and strength. Indeed, one of the most positive aspects about a 3 day per week training program is that it forces you to focus on the

of your work performed in the gym as opposed to the


When this happens, you’ll find you have less bad training sessions, more energy in the gym and more progression on compound movements.

You can follow one of the previously mentioned programs, or simply divide your training up into something like the following:

Day 1: Pull Movements (Deadlifts, Rows, Chin-Ups, Curls)Day 2: Push Movements (Bench Presses, Dumbbell Presses, Dips, Fly’s, Triceps Extensions)

Day 3: Legs (Squats, Leg Press, Leg Extensions, Hamstring Curls, Calves)

Something like the above would work fantastically well and covers all the main movement patterns in the body allowing for more than sufficient progress.

The Testosterone Dilemma

The only problem many of these busy professionals usually encounter is that their work takes an impact on their testosterone. Whilst we can fight off the effects of a declining training performance by carefully manipulating our programs, getting testosterone back to adequate levels is going to require some assistance. Step forward Project AD’s Bullk.

Bullk is the perfect natural testosterone booster to incorporate into a busy professionals life who’s working out three times per week. Now, you might think we’re just saying that to shift a few tubs, but consider this: not only does Bullk increase serum testosterone levels by over 700% of their baseline levels, it’s also able to significantly decrease prolactin. The awesome thing about this is this: people who are stressed and working like crazy also have higher levels of estrogen, meaning they store more bodyfat, have worse general mood and also sub-par performance. Using Bullk will offset this increase in estrogen, and help regulate the hormone whilst firing your test levels through the roof.

One last thing worth noting is that Bullk increases protein synthesis substantially. When you’re training 3 days per week, maximising protein synthesis levels becomes very, very important in order to sustain great muscular growth; you need to take advantage of all the windows of opportunity to grow. Again, Bullk is your best friend in this regard because it is able to increase protein utilisation.

So, if you want to look fantastic AND feel it, not only should you incorporate Bullk into your routine, you should also change that routine to a 3-day per week program. Trust us, you won’t be looking back.


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