Calf Training Hacks with IFBB Pro Dominick Cardone

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Is calf training solely genetic? We ask IFBB Pro Dominick Cardone for his opinion as he shares some interesting genetic history and training methods to date!


Calf Training Hacks


I never had great calves. I took after my mom in the calf department! My Dad doesn’t even need to train calves and they are massive.


This being said, calves are genetic. You either have them or you don’t! High inserted calves will never allow you to build thick calves.


However, you can get a nice diamond shape and some good detail giving off an illusion.


Your calves are used to being used daily. Walking, going up steps, lifting things etc.


They are constantly under stress and have adapted to this. What does this mean? You must KILL them till there’s nothing left.

I’ve found super high volume, heavy weight with good form, and totally destroying them will force some sort of growth.


You must break them past the feeling of adaptation.


It truly takes pure willpower, and mind of matter to do this. You must go to a place that’s not in the present and push past the pain. I will discuss some methods in the video to follow.




Calves may be more dependant on genetics than other body parts, but that’s not an excuse not to thrash them like you would any other. Train calves with no mercy, and results are inevitable.

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