Don’t be a Code Pusher

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Discount codes, everyone has one now and every athlete or ambassador who has their own discount code makes sure they put it on every single post, in their Bio, on their car. At this point I’m just waiting for people to start getting the codes tattooed on them, that way when they take their selfies the code is automatically visible (product placement 101). When the discount code era first started, having a discount code was subjected to only the most elite athletes of their respective sport. Now all it takes is two opposable thumbs, a smart phone, and a social media platform and you’re qualified to be a part of any of the thousands of companies handing out discount codes like cheap candy at Halloween.


Now let me step off my soap box. Yes discount code madness is somewhat out of hand. I think the main purpose behind discount codes has been lost. In their true design discount codes were meant as an added incentive for an athlete’s friends and followers to support them and the brands they represented.

The ideal scenario goes something like this:

– An athlete starts using a companies’ products

– Athlete likes and believes in the products and the brand

– uses them for an extended period of time and begins recommending the products to other people simply because they work

– Athlete reaches out or the company notices the athlete and the two reach a mutual agreement of some form of ambassadorship or sponsoring.

– Athlete is given a discount code that he can share with others

– People use the athletes discount code because they believe in the athlete and want to support them

While that is the ideal scenario this is what happens now-

  • Person wants to be popular
  • Person has never competed in any form of competition in their “sport”
  • Person finds every company willing to give them a free t-shirt and a pre workout and becomes one of their 10,000 brand ambassadors (whether they’ve used the products or not)
  • Person now has found the most amazing company ever (that they didn’t know existed) and everyone should use their discount code because “gainzzz”

Yes, I am an athlete for Project AD, yes I have a discount code. Do I constantly promote my discount code? No. Do people still use my discount code? Yes. That’s because the people who support me know that I support AD and back everything that AD is and everything AD makes. I wasn’t an athlete with AD until this spring, but I’ve been promoting the brand for over 3 years because I wanted people to experience what true quality supplements were in an industry where below average or “good enough” is the standard. Not because I had any kickback or any personal gain, I think the products are worth their full price and the discount codes were just lucky to have.

People don’t use discount codes just because you have one, people use your discount code because they believe in what you’re doing. If I don’t believe in who you are or what you stand for the last thing I’m going to do is spend my hard earned money with a company that you’re affiliated with much less use your code. But if I support who you are and what you stand for then I will punch your code into that checkout box every time I make a purchase.

Take home message, stop pushing your discount code, when people support who you are they will support who you stand for/with.

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