Escalating Density Training

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When renowned strength coach Charles Stanley penned the original “Escalating Density Training (EDT)” program over 10 years ago, it was initially met with shock, confusion, and intrigue meshed with skepticism. And why wouldn’t it? It remains, to this day, a very controversial training system, yet never the less it remains one of the most brutally effective ways of achieving hypertrophy known to mankind.

To re-visit the principles of EDT, it was a simple concept focused on accumulating volume over the course of a set amount of time as opposed to counting sets and reps throughout a workout. Stanley’s brutal 15-minute prescriptions for EDT, known as “PR Zones” require you to power through as much weight as possible before totting up the total amount of reps to establish a baseline. Like any valid training system, Stanley employs the concept of progressive resistance which requires you to beat the load next time you enter the gym where you originally set the PR Zone.

To summarize, EDT works like this:

  • Choose 2 antagonistic exercises that work opposing muscle groups (i.e. barbell curls and triceps pushdowns) or alternatively, two unrelated body parts (i.e. squats & chin-ups).
  • You should estimate a 10RM for each movement.
  • Set your stopwatch for 15 minutes.
  • Begin by performing sets of 5 for each exercise, alternating between exercises (super-setting). Stanley notes that you shouldn’t worry about rest intervals and that you should use your intuition. However, bear in mind that you’re up against the clock!
  • When fatigue begins to creep in, drop the rep ranges accordingly. Sets of 4’s, 3’s, 2’s and even singles become the norm towards the end of the 15 minute time allotment. This is absolutely fine.
  • When the 15 minutes are up, stop what you’re doing and add up your total reps. This is your PR Zone number. Stanley notes that you shouldn’t perform any more sets if you only have enough time to perform one of the exercises towards the end (i.e. don’t leave it uneven having performed more repetitions for one exercise as opposed to the other).
  • Next time you should set out to defeat the PR number. Only after by improving the baseline PR by up to 20% should you increase the weight by 5% on both exercises.

EDT escalating density training

Many people are understandably skeptical about the concept of Escalating Density Training. After all, it certainly goes against conventional training wisdom: sets & reps don’t matter? Balls-out max lifting irrelevant? Not exactly when you examine it logically, but it certainly is an exciting way of challenging yourself towards the end of sessions and monitoring progress.

The problem for most lifters will be when they try EDT for the first time is that they don’t have the stamina to perform as they’d like. While Stanley sets out a modest target of between 40-60 repetitions that you should aim to hit, many of our customers have commented at Project AD that they’re frustrated at falling short of these numbers. And that’s where we think Raging Full can help.

Raging Full is perfect for EDT because it delivers rapid Cluster Dextrin & Glucidex, carbohydrates that can be immediately assimilated and used for energy. As EDT usually comes at the end of the session, it’s absolutely ideal to start sipping your Raging Full 5-10 minutes before you plan to induce torture upon yourself.

Another reason Raging Full is the perfect synergist to EDT is because it supports muscular contractions. Fatigue and loss of form are the two most common concerns with trainees embarking upon EDT, and by incorporating Raging Full‘s intricate mineral complex, you’ll find that the electrolytes will help support excellent muscular contractions until the very last rep, where others fall short of achieving their desired targets.

Lastly, one of the most enjoyable aspects of EDT is the insane pumps you’ll receive from it. But if you’re woefully prepared for the 15-minute battle, the chances are you’ll simply cramp up and feel like you’re being pummeled (in a bad way). Incorporating Raging Full into the mix will provide you with an immediate blend of ingredients designed to deliver nutrients to the working muscle whilst simultaneously supporting strength gains – a recipe for extreme hypertrophy and muscular growth!

Escalating Density Training is a system to be feared. It’s brutal, merciless, and takes no prisoners. If you decide to take it on, you better make sure you’re well equipped with the best intra-workout product in your arsenal. This is going to be a war you’re going to need all the ammunition you can receive.


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