When working out there are some things you should consider and keep in mind to get the best results. A big mistake that many make is not having that mind to muscle connection to get the most during your workouts. This is probably the most important aspect while training. We’re putting the time and effort in so why not get the most out of it? Another thing to keep in mind while working out is your style of training. Change it up every now and then to keep your body guessing what you’re doing so you minimize your chances of plateauing.

Going through the motion of an exercise verses really concentrating on training a muscle group are two different things. I see people in the gym that are just swinging the weight around and not controlling it in either direction. Not only has that person done themselves no good but that is just asking for an injury. Reckless training is not going to get you anywhere. You’re not going to make the progress that you’re putting the time in for.

When you’re training a muscle you really need to concentrate on what that muscle is doing. I like to visualize the muscle elongating and contracting as hard as it possibly can, thinking about the blood that it’s pushing through with each rep. While doing so, I’m controlling the weight in both directions. You don’t want to just let go after contracting the muscle.  If you’re catching yourself swinging the weight, I would suggest concentrating a little more during your extending phase.

There are many styles of training that work the muscle in a different way. I personally like to switch up my style of training with the slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. There are some exercises  for example, a lat pull down, where I will try to be as explosive as I can during the concentric part of the exercise and during the eccentric phase I’ll do a three second count till I’m full extended. Then there are days where I’ll do a three second count till I’m fully contracted and then control the weight till I’m fully extended. I find training like this I am always connected with mind to muscle. If you have never tried something like that I suggest you try it.

It’s a good change up when you find yourself not as sore as you once were during those exercises. Again, there are many styles of training and ways to switch things up. Just do some research and find what you like best and what you respond to the most! I can guarantee though, simple mind to muscle concentration will make your workouts and results so much better.