Glorious Glutes with Stef Nadine

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Stef Nadine’s Glorious Glute Workout

Resistance band warm up

Kickbacks superset fire hyrdrants – 15 reps each
No rest – you should alternate legs until you have completed 3 rounds of each on both legs.

Bridge with abduction 3 sets 12 reps
Lying on your back with you knees bent, drive your hips upward, when you reach the top push your knees outwards and squeeze your Glutes


Hip abductor 4 sets 30 reps
Sat back 10 reps
Sat upright 10 reps
Leaning forwards 10 reps (increase the weight for this set and pause on each rep)

Sumo deadlift superset DB sumo squat
4 sets 15 reps

Cable squat superset cable good mornings
3 sets 15 reps

Barbell Glute Bridge
Set 1 – 15 reps – 1 second hold
Set 2 – 12 reps – 2 second hold
Set 3 – 10 reps – 3 second hold
Set 4 – 8 reps – 4 second hold

Smith machine wide stance squats
These should be performed as deep partial reps.
4 sets 20 reps

Machine kick backs
3 second eccentric phase
3 sets 10 reps each leg

Stefanie Nadine
Team Nadine Fitness

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