Glutes!!! with Stef Nadine

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As the saying goes – nobody every wrote a song about a small butt. So here are some of my top tips for growing your glutes …

1. Train hard & heavy

Kick backs and crab walks are all well and good for a nice burn out but don’t forget your BIG lifts. You want to GROW that booty right? Then you need to train them the same way we train every other muscle. It is a large muscle group! It can take it. Make sure your session includes compounds and isolation work.

2. Activate your glutes correctly prior to training

A lot of people will struggle with this and developing a mind to muscle connection with their butt. Especially for those that work a sedentary job. Which will result in your hamstrings/quads more than likely doing most of the work instead. I always start my session with body weight warm up exercises and resistance bands. fire hydrants are my fav for this. Really focus on the squeeze and contraction before starting your compound & isolation exercises


It’s all about the contraction! Try pausing at the top of each movement and holding the contraction for a few seconds and they will be on fire! I like to do a mixture of Isometric holds and constant tension.

4. High & wide stances

High or wide stances will help you to target your glutes & hamstrings more when squatting or pressing.  I like to point my toes out a little too.

5. Frequent training

If it’s a lagging muscle group – train it more regularly. Glutes 2- 3 times per week is sufficient.

6. Stretching & deep tissue

A tight, contracted muscle won’t grow or fire properly. Tight hip flexors are one of the biggest culprits to inhibit your glutes. this is something often found in those who work a sedentary job and are sat down for long periods of time. Make sure you stretch 2-3 times per week. Deep tissue treatment will also help break down the ease tight muscles and increase blood flow.

7. Perform exercises you FEEL

There is no point performing an exercise you saw Susan do on instagram if you don’t really feel it where you’re supposed to! Instead stick to exercises you can feel your glutes really working for YOU. Personally my favourites are DB sumo squats, sumo deadlifts, stiff legged deadlifts, hip abductor & glute bridges. Whereas cable kick backs don’t do much for me!
Mix up your tempos. Vary your rep ranges. Push through your heels, squeeze & go HEAVY.

Stefanie Nadine 

Team Nadine Fitness 

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