Goal Setting With IFBB Pro Jamie Do Rego

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I think the problem these days is everyone wants the easy way out, not many are willing to work for what the truly want to achieve In life because the majority of the time these things take time! It’s about what you are willing to sacrifice in order to make a dream become a reality. 

These blog comes at a perfect time for me as I just achieved a life long dream in turning IFBB PRO ... I knew from the moment I got in the gym and opening my first Flex magazine that I wanted to take it to this level, I actually remember seeing jay cutler on the front cover of flex and I was blow away! Even at the young age of 18 I was also under no illusion that it would take years and years for me to achieve this dream but knew the only way it was possible is if I set realistic, achievable goals year by year, I knew it wouldn’t happen over night!

Iv competed for the last 7 years since 18 years old, Iv won multiple shows, Iv lost multiple shows, Iv came 2nd place and know what defeat feels like, Iv come 1st place, won overalls and know what success feels like… Iv had obstacles and set backs that have tried to break me, but only made me stronger and come back better! What I’m trying to say is the easy route isn’t the better route… the long tough lonely road is what will give you character and make you a better bodybuilder and person! So don’t be afraid of failure, know that it’s how you bounce back is what truly makes you better! Your attitude is Everything and only you can be in control of that!

So how do I set myself realistic goals?

  1. Be critical 
  2. Set realistic time scales 
  3. Don’t except it to come easy
  4. Understand it’s going to take time 
  5. Be prepared to make sacrifices 

I’m probably one of the most critical people when it comes to myself and that’s they key aspect when goal setting, I know what I’m capable of but also under no illusion that it’s going to take time and I’m going to have to work my ass off… it took me 7 years to turn pro and I’d been lifting since I was 15 for 10 years!

So what’s next and how do I realistically plan ahead from now?

Again I look this set realistic targets for me to hit year by year… obviously I will be doing my IFBB Pro debut in New Zealand this weekend, this will give me an idea where I stand against other IFBB pros and what I need to do from there in order to become better

So for example…. whatever happens this weekend is a win for me.. weather I make first call out or place dead last because right now I’m on cloud 9 for simply just achieving my life long goal… but it’s also here where the hard work and planning begins…

So for example say I make second call outs…

I would plan my goals year by year…

2020- make first call out in a pro show

2021 make top 3 in a bro show

2022 win a pro show

The above is me being REALISTIC and giving myself a good time frame… I’m under no illusion I have a long way to go but also believe I have what it takes to be on the big stage one day! Remember anything is possible and achievable but it all comes down to how bad you want it and what you are willing to sacrifice

So when setting goals for yourself don’t be delusional… if you can’t win your local qualifier or local show then the likely hood is that you won’t turn pro in one year. Be realistic, be smart and be honest with yourself! 

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